Here's Tom Brady's Bitchfest With An Assistant Coach





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Published on Dec 11, 2011
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I'm a Pats fan so I remember this well. Tom was carrying that team the whole year. The defense was giving up 30+ points a game so Tom either had to put up 30 to 40 or they'd lose. Game after game, that kinda pressure is insane. Tom was prolly a douche there for taking it out on the receiver (though, to be fair, the receiver could've done a better job) but the coach should've known better. Tom knew he fucked up. And btw, they won the game and he and that coach high fived after on the sidelines.
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the funniest part is at 0:50. Rex Grossman throwing it into a guy's knees on a 10 yard throw. Knowing that guy will never have to work a day in his life because he made millions as an NFL QB will baffle me until I die
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Henry Henry
Jaydee Aglahi the bears defense and Devin hester held him up all year and in the super bowl and still choked
Sairam Sunkam
He did more than romp can ever do and that is get to A super bowl
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So Savage
when Dez Bryant does this its "O what a cry-baby or o its a temper-tantrum" but when Brady does this its his "Love for the game" give me a fucking break
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Henry Henry
Alpha's Dank Shit no he doesn't lmao
Oc reed
that's dez has zero rings
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sean im
Tom: "You gotta go get it" AAC: He was not even that open!" Tom: "You gotta fight for it Josh" AAC: "He was covered by a fucking defender!!" Tom: "NO SHIT!!!!!"
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ThizinitGreat GimmEdemCakes
I hope you die in a car accident you little racist bitch
Christopher Pakusch TB12,is that yooooooou? betcha Gisele doesn't rim ya the way O'Brien did.
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so much more interesting than the redskins trying to play offense
and rex throwing it at the knees of a reciever
VVG Viper
What some people don't understand is that Brady gets really mad because he has a tremendous love for the game and the Redskins had a chance to tie this game now
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VVG Viper I am sure Eli and Peyton had their share of bitch fests too,
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fox R1
I'd be pissed too if my offensive coordinator gave me shit for a pick after I've brought the team to 5 superbowls (now 6) You guys are idiots. You know nothing about Brady. Stupid jealous fucks
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Robert Cole
fox R1 I wasnt 5 back then its 5 now
+Thesmuggler kill yourself, belichicks entire career turnt around when Brady took the helm.
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George Jeovaras
So when Tom Brady argues with the offense coordinator, everyone calls him a bitch. But when Peyton manning went crazy in Indy and starting screaming at his offensive line people say "it's alright". lmao haters
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Dr. Rabbid25
FordFalcon1962nBlue Some teams.
People will always go out of their way to make excuses for Peyton. It's laughable.
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Tom Brady "I'm Tom fucking Brady!"
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Jebediah Springfield
Shut up coach, I'm Tom fucking Brady. I can do no wrong. Don't believe me? Ask the media.
Tbro Broskii
Dimitrios Desmos bro he got caught how many time and you're saying he doesn't lol
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Connor Hall
Tom: You gotta go get it (directed at Underwood)!" Bill O'brien: Something along the lines of "He wasn't open, not his fault" Tom: You can't fucking call it (?) Bill O'brien: You just threw a fucking pick Tom: NO SHIT Bill O'brien: He's not open Tom: HE'S OPEN Bill O'brien: HE'S NOT FUCKING OPEN TOM (later after more arguing) Belichik: Stop. Just stop. Or i'll dickslap the piss out of all you fuckers
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