Just Friends Episode 23





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Published on Mar 6, 2009

Kevin: Joe do you want to come help me pay for the food?
Nick: Ill go with you *starts to get up*
Joe: *almost yells* no!! its ok Ill go
Nick: *gives Joe a weird look* um ok?
Kevin: yeah I think mom wanted us to get her some pie
Joe: yeah and Im the only one that knows her favorite
Nick: I know her favorite too
Kevin: but Joe knows how to pick the perfect piece
Joe: *gloats* yeah no one can do it quite like me
Nick: *gives both of them weird looks* well have fun picking out your pie
*they leave*

Nick: I think we have been set up
Maddie: and why is that?
Nick: um... because they think I like you
Maddie: really? *looks at him*
Nick: *smiles in a shy way* yeah
Maddie: *smiles* good because I like you too, youre a great guy
Nick: do you want to be my girlfriend?
Maddie: *looks away* um
Nick: *looks down* if its too soon I understand
Maddie: no its not that
Nick: then what is it?
Maddie: *looks at him* well what do I do if you go on tour or something?
Nick: *holds her hand and smiles at her* we can find a way to make it work
Maddie: well
Nick: please.*gives her a puppy dog face*
Maddie: *smiles* oh how could I resist that face!!

*she hugs him and can feel his heart beat faster, they both smile, everyone comes back as they are hugging*
emily: misson.
Kayla: accomplished!!
*everyone high fives*
Maddie: why did I have a feeling this was all your idea?
Kayla: because thats just the way we roll!!
*everyone laughs*
Emily: well it wasnt all us, Joe and Kevin helped too!!
Nick: *slightly annoyed* I told you guys I could do it
Kevin: sorry but we got tired of seeing our little bro so sad
Maddie: *shocked* so thats why you were sad all day?
Nick: *blushes* yeah
Joe: come on you love birds lets go

*they all leave but now Emily and Joe are in the middle and Nick and Maddie are in the back*
Joe: Nick are you sure you are ok with being in the back?
Nick: *smiles and puts his arm around Maddie* yeah im good, how about you, Maddie?
Maddie: *rests her head on his shoulder and smiles* I am perfectly fine

*they go to Maddie/kaylas house, they all walk to the door holding hands and now they are waiting at the front door*
Maddie: omg today was so fun!!
Kayla: yeah we should do something tomorrow
Joe: how about bowling?
Emily: I love bowling!!
Kevin: bowling it is. how about we pick you guys up at around 7?
Kayla: sounds good to me
Nick: well we better go * smiles and hugs Maddie* bye
Maddie: bye *smiles*
Kevin: *hugs Kayla and smiles* see you tomorrow
Kayla: bye *giggles*
Emily: *hugs Joe and smiles* bye
Joe: *smiles* Ill miss you
*the guys leave*
Maddie: so Em do you want to sleep over?
Emily: yeah Ill just get my stuff later
Kayla: cool

*in the car with the guys*
*Nick punches Joe in the arm*
Joe: ooowww!!! What was that for!?
Nick: I told you I was gonna get you back
Joe: you should be thanking me not hitting me!!
Nick: *confused* why?
Joe: cuz I helped you get Maddie
Kevin: hey I helped too!!
Nick: I kinda wish you guys didnt do thatbut Im glad you did
Kevin: anything for our little bro!!

*with the girls*
Maddie: so why did you guys want me and Nick to get together so badly?
Emily: because he was crushing on you pretty hard, didnt you see how sad he was?
Maddie: I thought he was just grossed out by all of the coupley stuff going on
Kayla: no he was sad because he couldnt do all the coupley stuff with you
Maddie: *smiles a little* ohthats probably what he didnt want to tell me earlier today
Emily: so are you glad we helped you guys get together?
Maddie: well I still kinda miss Cody, but Ill probably be happier with Nick


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