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Published on Feb 21, 2013

Tinnitus Miracle Cure Tinnitus Miracle

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Vascular tumours Tinnitus Miracle Cure of the middle ear are rare, but also can give a pulsatile tinnitus. Such objective tinnitus which can be heard by the examining doctor may require further investigation by an ear, nose and throat surgeon or audiological physician, and may in some instances have a surgical cure.
Subjective tinnitus

This is by far the most common type of tinnitus. Everyone, if sitting in a soundproof room, hears noises in their heads. Usually these noises are masked in everyday life by all the noise going on in the world around us. If you cannot hear sounds in the outside world so well, you tend to notice the natural noises inside your head much more because they are not being masked (drowned out) by the environmental noises.

Tinnitus is often, but not always, linked to a hearing loss. If the tiny hair cells of the cochlea are damaged, for example through certain drugs, noise exposure or as part of the aging process, the cochlea becomes less good at discriminating sounds, and your hearing is affected.

The loudness of tinnitus is not linked to the Tinnitus Miracle Cure degree of hearing loss, nor does the loudness of tinnitus always increase with time. Only about 20% of people with tinnitus perceive it as a great irritation; the majority are able to ignore it most of the time (see treatment below).


Certain types of diseases that affect the inner ear can also be associated with tinnitus (eg Menière's disease)
Further investigation

If tinnitus is only affecting one ear or if it is causing great distress, further investigation is warranted and is generally carried out by an ear nose and throat surgeon or audiological physician.

Investigations usually include hearing tests, and can also involve blood tests and radiological investigations (x-rays or scans). Not everyone with tinnitus will need every investigation. Sometimes no definite cause for the tinnitus is found. On other occasions a readily identifiable cause will be found such as a hearing loss.

Very rarely a more serious condition will be found, such as a tumour of the auditory nerve. Whilst specific causes such as this will be directly addressed, the majority of patients may benefit Tinnitus Miracle Cure from other types of medical treatment.

Fortunately, the majority of patients who suffer from tinnitus will either find it gets better by itself, or that they will learn to tolerate the noises after a short period of time of only a few weeks or months.

Generally the treatment of tinnitus falls into two main areas: tinnitus counselling or the use of mechanical devices such as hearing aids or white noise generators to control the symptoms.

These are sometimes used during tinnitus counselling and as a part of tinnitus retraining. Again, they can provide a less threatening, more controllable type of noise than the tinnitus, but need to be used as part of the retraining - they are not a solution in themselves.
Other types of treatment

Multiple types of treatment have been tried for tinnitus, and although they can be helpful for some patients, none of them will help all patients. Hypnosis and acupuncture can occasionally help.

Extracts of Gingko biloba (the maidenhair tree) is another method, but no properly controlled study has shown a positive effect. In general, drug treatments are not very helpful. Some types of sedatives have been used, but they are not good for long-term use and do not solve the problem.

It is estimated that about 30% to 40% of the population will suffer from tinnitus at one point in their life, particularly if they have hearing loss. The vast majority will either have intermittent tinnitus which is manageable, or more persistent tinnitus which is can be controlled without any significant treatment.

A small minority will require further management and it is these patients who will require referral to an ear nose and throat surgeon or an audiological Tinnitus Miracle Cure physician.

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