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Uploaded on Nov 18, 2009

so i promised two tonight, so you will get two tonight :D one right now, and one in a little bit, just before i go to watch Glee ahaha so enjoy.
C h a p t e r T e n
Emma struggled with the weight of the box in her hand as she fumbled with the doorknob to her new dorm room. "Urgh, I need to put a doorstop in or something, why does this door keep closing every time I leave?!" Emma yelled out in frustration as she thumped her head against the door.

"Why don't you let me get that for you?" Emma heard a voice beside her, and turned her head to the left, only to have her hair fall in her eyes. She went to push her bangs behind her ear, only to realize that she was still holding the box and immediately, although, clumsily tried to rebalance it. All of a sudden, two very strong hands shot out and grabbed the box before it tumbled to the ground.

"I thought dancers were supposed to be graceful." the voice said with a hint of a tease, and Emma slowly lifted her blushing face so she could see who it was who had made her fumble and bumble so much.

"Well, usually dancers don't carry 10 lbs boxes up the stairs, only to have to unlock their dorm room door again." She said back jokingly. When she finally looked up, and made eye contact with the person standing in front of her, Emma had to secretly pinch herself to make sure she wasn't still dreaming. In front of her was one certified gorgeous guy. Emma could hardly believe he was talking to her.

"Obviously they don't. That'd make a terrible routine. I'm Donnie, by the way." he said as he balanced Emma's box in one arm, and extended the other in a friendly handshake. Emma took his hand and at once she could feel the rough texture of the calluses all along his fingers.

"I'm Emma Baxter." she smiled. "So you play the guitar?" Emma asked playfully as she pulled her keys out of her pocket and opened the door. Donnie looked at her with slight surprise as he followed her into her room and put the box on the floor.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" He questioned. Emma smiled as she grabbed a stapler off of her desk and wedged it between the door and the frame.

"Your hands have calluses all over them. I used to date a guitarist." Emma shrugged, trying to sound as low key as possible. Donnie's eyes lit up and he began to follow Emma back down the stairs.

"Used to, as in, not anymore, as in, single?" Donnie asked playfully in an adorable, obviously interested voice. Emma laughed as she paused on the landing and turned back to face him. He was probably about five inches taller than her, and when he took a step towards where she was on the landing, she got the feeling that she was a delicate princess in distress and he was her big, strong hero.

"Yes, used to, as in, not anymore, as in, single." Emma answered lightly as she anxiously bit her lip. She usually didn't flirt with guys, and Donnie was extremely intimidating to her, with his big green eyes and blonde shaggy hair. Emma could only imagine what he looked like with his shirt off, and before she could indulge herself in said imaginations, a familiar, frightening voice interrupted her.

"Donnie! I knew I recognized your voice! I haven't seen you all summer! I've texted you, but you never answer back!" the shrill, annoying, way too cheery voice said. Emma recognized it right away, and looked over at Donnie who seemed to look just as annoyed as she felt. Leave it to Dina to ruin a perfectly good moment.

"I've been busy, Dina." was all he could manage to say. Emma saw Dina approach from the stair case above them. Emma automatically made eye contact with her, and she could swear she felt the temperature in the stairwell drop 20 degrees.
New Moon anyone? i'm going Friday and am so pumped. I'm re-reading the book for the 4th right now actually, i won't finish it before the but i can try, i just want to rememeber all the details i've forgotten.



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