Elaine Brown: New Age Racism





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Published on Nov 3, 2008

Activist and author Elaine Brown, the first and only woman to lead the Black Panther Party speaks on issues of race with reference to her new book New Age Racism. She discusses the Black experience throughout American history and the issue of reparations for all descendants of slaves.

Series: Voices [5/2001] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 5720]

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Let's ignore the non-black individuals commenting. They are sent here as distraction. Please share this information so we can began to heal our communities.  Healing is about love and not about hate. Be empowered by this information to grow, heal and love unconditionally!
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The problem with racists is that there hatred and pompous attitudes cloud their comprehension. Slavery is nothing new, but the european and american institution of slavery was more intense. Slaves before this time were what you would call indentured servants or prisoners of war. American chattel slavery literally transformed one into property, three-fifths of a human being. It tore people from there families and tortured them sexually, physically and mentally. No other account of slavery was that diabolical. #facts
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Lawrence Bell
The notion that people of color can be racist is laughable. The real racist would like people of color to internalize and believe this so they have reason to continue their racist activities. What can and have white done and are doing to marginalize people of color as a whole? What can people of color do to marginalize white as a whole. I'll wait... True racism is about power and control. The ability to dominate a people's reality as a whole. At best people of color can display ignorance towards the racism that they face. Which is like throwing a rock at a Sherman tank.
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Ms. 8of11
ms elaine is the truth this was quite informative and powerful she speaks with knowledge and passion WOW!
Indigo Jes
I'm inspired by this speech, thank you Dr. Brown.
Brett Strong
This lady is a fucking genius -- BRAVO!!!!
I can't know if Elaine Brown was an FBI informant as it likely none of you KNOW. Belief is not knowledge. Surely if she was somebody can find out making a FOIA request and find the documentation. Otherwise I'll consider it bad jacketing(1). I certainly can't believe any thing David Horowitz (2) says. Ms. Brown has been villified since I can remember, when questioned about their information empirical evidence is lacking. People often spread rumors as knowledge when it is belief. You need only study what people believe and why to find how fallible belief and memory is. I was born in Oakland and was a teen when Elaine was active in Oakland politics. If someone knows she was an informant or instrumental in killing of the Panther's bookkeeper at the very least there apathy is a sell out to the black community more than misdeeds she's alleged to have committed. An articulate (3) allegation is necessary. NEVER have I heard a rumor that was entirely true... do remember the parlor game, Telephone (4). People get shit bassackwards all the time, why there are websites such as Snopes (5). ...I attempted to paste links as references for whatever reason my copy/paste is not working: What I think are thoughtful definition of "bad jacketing," and a bio of David Horowitz can be found on Wikipedia. Noam Chomsky also has some interesting things to say about Horowitz. Wikipedia has good information on the murder of Betty Van Patter as well you can find various descriptions of the parlor game "telephone." Here on YouTube will find on the limitations of memory (I'm being kind)... one reason why so many people are incarcerated even when innocent.
Patricia R
Love her❤️
Shay Monte'
get it girl!!!
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