Korean Shoutcasters at their finest (Doublelift Penta kill) 올스타 더블리프트 펜타킬





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Published on May 25, 2013

All footage from the Korean stream @ TVOngamenet 올스타 더블리프트 펜타킬 Best shoutcaster is Korean (LCS 2013 All-Star)

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So i did my own Caption's for the lulz but if you really interested in wondering what they actually said i thank (Srin Le)
for doing this one here's a clear version enjoy

Korean Commentators :
전용준 캐스터(Caster Jeon Yong-Jun)
강민 해설(Commentator Gang Min)
김동준 해설(Commentator Kim Dong-Jun)
클라우드 템플러, Cj Entus Frost의 Jungler(CloudTemplar, Cj Entus Frost's Jungler)
초브라, 온게임넷 크리에이티브 디렉터(Chobra, OGN Creative Director)

00:00 전용준 캐스터(Caster Jeon Yong-Jun) : 화력이 좋아요, 화력이 좋아요 (They have an excellent firepower, that's strong.)

00:01 강민 해설(Commentataor Gang Min) : 그리고 언제나 또 점멸이 빠진 타이밍에 자르반이 한타를 열었을 때에는 너무나 힘을 발휘해서.. (and Jarvan always too strong to initiate when enemies don't have flash..)

00:04 김동준 해설(Commentator Kim Dong-Jun) : 자, 들어갑니다, 들어가죠! (Now, They're entering, entering!)

00:05 ??? : 스틸! 스틸~~~! ..은 아닌 것 같구요 (Steal! Steeeaall!! .. isn't, maybe.)

00:06 전용준 캐스터(Caster Jeon Yong-Jun) : 자, 이즈리얼! 이즈리얼 거의 다 왔어요! (And Ezreal! Ezreal is almost coming!)

00:07 : ..there are too noisy to hear..

00:10 김동준 해설(Commentator Kim Dong-Jun) : 그냥 싸워요, 그냥 싸우네요. (They're fighting now, just fighting.[note : Abandoned baron])

00:12 강민 해설(Commentataor Gang Min) : 자르반 대격변 조심해야 돼요, 점멸이 없어요, 북미는! (They're pay attention to Jarvan's Cataclysm, NA hasn't flash!)

00:14 전용준 캐스터(Caster Jeon Yong-Jun) : 네! (Yes!)

00:15 강민 해설(Commentataor Gang Min) : 갇혔습니다! 아~ 갇혔습니다! 갇혔어요! (They're stuck! Ah, They're stuck!)

00:17 전용준 캐스터(Caster Jeon Yong-Jun) : 총공격의 끝을 내고 있어요! (It's Ending of full attack!)

00:17 클라우드 템플러(CloudTemplar) : 카서스 위치가 너무 안 좋아요, 위치가 너무 안 좋아요. (Karthus's position is too bad, position is too bad.)

00:18 김동준 해설(Commentator Kim Dong-Jun) : 진혼곡은 있어요! 네, 그런데.. 네 끝까지.. 포킹 몇 번이라도, 포킹, 포킹 몇 번 봐야 돼요! 포킹 몇 번 봐야 돼요!!
(Requiem is ready! Yes, but.. yes, keep your eyes.. some poking, poking, We must have to see some poking!!)

00:23 전용준 캐스터(Caster Jeon Yong-Jun) : 네, 더블킬! (Double Kill!)

00:26 강민 해설(Commentataor Gang Min) : 더블리프트! (Doublelift!)

00:27 김동준 해설(Commentator Kim Dong-Jun) : 더블리프트의 공격을... and too much audio.. (Doublelift's attack...)

00:28 클라우드 템플러(CloudTemplar) : 아~ 이 싸움 어떻게 되나요! (Oh~ how should finish this fight?)

00:31 김동준 해설(Commentator Kim Dong-Jun) : 더블리프트를 봐야 돼요!! 더블리프트으으으으!!! 이겼어요!!!! (You have to foKUS ON THE DOUBLELIFT!!! DABULIPUUTUUUUUU!!!! IS WINNNNNN!!!)

00:32 전용준 캐스터(Caster Jeon Yong-Jun) : 아~ 더블리프트가!!! 더블리프트!!! 트리플 킬!!! 쿼드라!!! (OOOO~ DOUBLELIFT!!! DOUBLELIFT IS GOING FOR TRIPU KIRRRR!!!! QUADRAaAaAAA!!)

00:37 강민 해설(Commentataor Gang Min) : 이야~~ 더블리프트! 더블리프트! (WOW! Doublelift! Doublelift!)

00:40 Together : 펜타킬!!! 펜타키이이일!!! (PENTAKIRR!! PET THE KIDDDDD!!)


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