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Uploaded on Oct 8, 2011

Welcome to the 15 Minute Melee project. Here, I will make videos of doing 15 Minute Melee with various characters under certain conditions. Yep, an accomplishment that you certainly couldn't expect from people like the Hyphy Movement, the Uni-Mind including trolls, the San Francisco Bay Area residents who prove that it doesn't deserve to be called the "Yay Area", the shallow girls who would say "wanna suck my pee" just to mock me, and the Oakland rioters. The purpose of this project is to help players learn skills that could help in dealing with Meta Knight in Brawl, who abuses the Glass Cannon metagames that have dubious at best standards.

Now the conditions are no Screw Attack abuse, B button usage is limited purely to recovery, no (intentional) airdodging or glitch abuse, and getting as many KOs as feasible.

At long last, every character is done. Thanks to anybody who voted, I managed to get an idea of ordering because of the voting system.

And so with 15MM completely trounced, the Smashers decided to combat the surge of Meta Knights that plagued SSBB. The Glass Cannons took them down with hit-and-run tactics, the Stone Walls laughed at their fail power, the Mighty Glaciers tanked them out, the Squishy Wizards overwhelmed them with immense variety, and the Stop Having Fun Guys who play as Wario or Falco...did nothing useful. The sage, while believing that Mario and Peach might get redos seeing as they have sub-700 KOs, left for parts unknowns. Rumor has it that he is considering taking on the 8-3 miniboss gauntlet in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Another rumor believes that he is cringing at the abuse sites like TV Tropes and Advance Wars By Web will deal to him in their desire for petty laughs. But whatever the case, the smashers have him to thank for teaching them how to tank well against the Meta Knights by using their power more strategically, ensuring that they can never return. The End. (Assuming I don't go for doing 15 Minute Brawl runs.)

Mario's stats:
*Classification: The Mario
*Specialty: versatility
*Smash bonus: power and range--the standard
*Notes: ground moves are generally fast KO moves but aerials have trouble KOing

Figuring out Mario to get a decent KO count was tough. In fact, I had put him in the very bottom of my 15MM tier list because his aerials in general don't KO--only the neutral air KOs at a halfway decent rate, and still not reliably enough so you're forced to momentum neutral air, which Roy does better. Now this would qualify as Fridge Brilliance after MarioMastar brought up to me on YIM that Mario's aerials are supposed to build up damage so it's his ground moves that should be able to KO and quickly: Mario's aerials should be killing too easily because aerials come with mobility, and Super Jump Punch (Up B) and I think Mario Tornado (Down B) allows for a power aerial option. But then Fridge Logic kicks in because lower power characters can kill the wireframes with certain aerials. Honestly, I'd feel better if Mario could at least kill the wireframes with aerials under specific circumstances like with Roy's side aerials.

However, Mario's ground moves do come through. They're fast enough and they hit hard enough. And he can grab and throw rather well. So despite his aerial problems, he does manage to be useable enough to manage....oh dear.

Super Jump Punch (Up B) definitely KOs, but like Roy's Blazer, puts Mario in helpless. I think Mario Tornado (Down B) may KO, correct me if I'm wrong. Fireball (Neutral B) and Cape (Side B) don't KO, that's for sure, though Cape can be used for horizontal recovery.

-Mario - 666 (!!!)
-Mewtwo - 695
-Roy - 691
Total of done characters: 2052


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