DNC Chair Torn To Shreds Over False Claims





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Published on Aug 23, 2012

DNC Chair Torn To Shreds Over False Claims


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  1. 1306

    Democrat Wesley Clark: Unemployment Might Run Up To 20%

  2. 1307

    Obama Gives Himself An "Incomplete" Grade On Fixing The Economy After Four Years

  3. 1308

    Stephanie Cutter Says Maybe We're Not Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago

  4. 1309

    DNC Chair Mayor Villaraigosa Calls It "Bank Of America" Stadium

  5. 1310

    Obama Senior Adviser: "Absolutely" Better Off (Not What Axe Or Plouffe Think)

  6. 1311

    On CNN, DNC Spokesman Unlike Obama Campaign Says We Are Better Off

  7. 1312

    Governor Martin O'Malley (D-MD): We Are Not Better Off After Four Years

  8. 1313

    Mayor Villaraigosa: Obviously We Won't Have The Same Enthusiasm As 2008

  9. 1314

    Obama Senior Adviser: Enthusiasm Won't Be Like 2008

  10. 1315

    On ABC, David Plouffe Won't Say Yes Or No If Americans Are Better Off Under Obama

  11. 1316

    On FNS, Axelrod Won't Say Yes Or No If Americans Are Better Off

  12. 1317

    NC Dem Spokesman Hits Back At Dems Attacking Charlotte

  13. 1318

    DNC Chair Despite OFA Focus Group Says She's Best Surrogate

  14. 1319

    DNC Chair: "Bank of america stadium, panther stadium, they're interchangeable"

  15. 1320

    On CNBC, Obama Campaign Dodges Responsibility On The Economy

  16. 1321

    NBC Richmond: Is The President Worried?

  17. 1322

    CNN: Is Obama Worried?

  18. 1323

    Obama Campaign To Unemployed Youth: It Could Be Worse

  19. 1324

    Chair Of Democrat Convention Won't Say "Bank Of America"

  20. 1325

    Solyndra Glass Tubes Being Used as Art Work in Berkeley Garden

  21. DNC Chair Torn To Shreds Over False Claims

  22. 1327

    CNN Profiles Fall Of Former Obama Solar Superstar To Keep Solyndras In Business

  23. 1328

    Asked About Obama's Failure To Change Washington, Cutter Tries To Change Subject

  24. 1329

    CBS' Norah O'Donnell: Obama Has To Answer For Tone Of The Campaign

  25. 1330

    Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) Regrets Vote On ObamaCare

  26. 1331

    How Obama '08 Voters In WI Describe The National Economy Today

  27. 1332

    Obama Deputy Campaign Manager: Americans Get Their News From "Entertainment Tonight"

  28. 1333

    Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Lies About Priorities USA Ad.

  29. 1334

    DGA Chair Gov. O'Malley Says Biden's Words "Indelicate Choice Of Words"

  30. 1335

    Gibbs: Obama Has Been Transparent, He Once Took "A Question"

  31. 1336

    Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Calls Joe Biden "A Distraction"

  32. 1337

    Obama Senior Adviser Dodges Questions About Impact Of Medicare cuts

  33. 1338

    DNC Chair Hammered On Obama Avoiding Tough Questions

  34. 1339

    An Embarrassment

  35. 1340

    CNN Viewer: Wish Obama Would Own Up To His Mistakes For Once

  36. 1341

    MSNBC To Obama Campaign: Why Isn't Obama Taking Questions?

  37. 1342

    Biden Staff Going To Extraordinary Measures To Save Biden From Himself

  38. 1343

    Obama Senior Adviser On Outrageous Obama Super PAC Ad: "Whatever"

  39. 1344

    Morning Joe Crew Mocks Obama Over Not Doing Serious Interviews

  40. 1345

    Obama spokesperson says $700 bilion raided from medicare not necessary

  41. 1346

    Morning Joe: Obama Senior Adviser David Axelrod "Seems Very Upset And Very Agitated"

  42. 1347

    Out of Touch Obama Blithely Costs Iowa Small Business $25,000

  43. 1348

    Senior Obama Official: Biden Comments Not Helpful, Knocked Campaign Off Message

  44. 1349

    Obama Campaign: No Problem With Biden's Chains Comment

  45. 1350

    DNC Chair Gets Blitzed By Wolf On False Medicare Attacks

  46. 1351

    Robert Gibbs Dodges Questions On Where Is The Obama Medicare Plan

  47. 1352

    On MSNBC, Obama's Own Words Offer Rebuttal On Entitlements

  48. 1353

    On MSNBC, Gibbs Conveniently Forgets His Own Hypocrisy On Outside TV Ads

  49. 1354

    Obama Deputy Campaign Manager: You Bet Obama Cut Medicare By $700 Billion

  50. 1355

    Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Can't Articulate Obama Plan For Fiscal Crisis

  51. 1356

    Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN): Obama Doesn't Want To Talk About Last 4 Years

  52. 1357

    On ABC, David Axelrod Won't Say If President Obama Condemns Priorities USA Ad.

  53. 1358

    DNC Chair Doesn't Know Political Affiliation Of Obama Endorsed Super PAC

  54. 1359

    Fox News' Ed Henry Takes Apart Obama On Super PAC Ads

  55. 1360

    Small Business Owner to Obama: Take Down Your Ad

  56. 1361

    Obama Yet To Speak Out Against His Own Super PAC's Indefensible Ad

  57. 1362

    In CO, Obama Decries Republican Super PACs But Says Nothing About His Own

  58. 1363

    "Morning Joe" Takes Obama Camp To Task For Not Telling Truth On Obama Super PAC Ad

  59. 1364

    Blitzer Schools Obama Super PAC Head Over False Attacks That Go Over The Line

  60. 1365

    Fox's Ed Henry Tears Down Obama Campaign Claims About Obama Super PAC Ad

  61. 1366

    Obama Campaign Press Secretary Dodges Questions On Ad After CNN Fact Check

  62. 1367

    Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Refuses To Condemn Ad Called Outrageous And False

  63. 1368

    On MSNBC, Obama Super PAC Ad Throws Obama Campaign Off Message

  64. 1369

    CNN: Obama Super PAC Ad "Not Accurate"

  65. 1370

    Fox News: Obama On Defense Over Plouffe Iran Connections

  66. 1371

    Fox News: "Shocking Report" On Obama Adviser Cashing In On Iran Business

  67. 1372

    Former Obama adviser Van Jones Says Reid Attacks Turns People Off From Politics

  68. 1373

    Despite Costs Increasing, Obama Campaign Says Americans Are Better Off

  69. 1374

    On FNS, David Axelrod Dodges Why It's Ok To Increase Taxes Now With Less Economic Growth

  70. 1375

    On FNS, David Axelrod Dodges Obama Record And His Own Touting Of "Recovery Summer" In 2010

  71. 1376

    Rahm Refers Solyndra Questions To WH Lawyer

  72. 1377

    Dem Mayor on Obama: At Least It's Not A Depression

  73. 1378

    ABC's Rick Klein: GOP Jumping On Obama's Caribou Cover-Up

  74. 1379

    Local Businessman Blames Obama Administration for Coal Layoffs

  75. 1380

    Cleveland CBS: "Strange Trip" For Obama To Fly Into Mansfield Air Base

  76. 1381

    Obama White House Doesn't Have Much To Say About Personal E-Mail Accounts

  77. 1382

    Obama Campaign: Messina Dealt With Friends On Personal Email (Lobbyists?)

  78. 1383

    Michael McKee: If the Recovery Were in the Olympics "We Would be Performing Very Poorly"

  79. 1384

    Local OH TV Focuses On Mansfield Air Base With Obama Visit

  80. 1385

    Brian Sullivan: This the Worst Recovery of a Developed Nation

  81. 1386

    If Obama Wasn't So Weak, He Wouldn't Need Bill Clinton

  82. 1387

    Fmr. Obama Adviser Takes Viewers Through The Bad Obama Economy

  83. 1388

    After Dismal GDP Report, DNC Chair Says Things Are Turning Around For Better

  84. 1389

    Obama Spokesman: Buck Stops With Obama On Economy

  85. 1390

    Pelosi: Criticizing Obama's Israel Record Is Code For Cutting Taxes

  86. 1391

    Obama Surrogate Slammed By VP Small Ball Statement On Anonymous Quotes

  87. 1392

    DNC Executive Director Spends 119 Seconds Dodging Questions About Taking Romney Out Of Context

  88. 1393

    Morning Joe Crew Mocks Latest Priorities USA Ad

  89. 1394

    Axelrod Hammered On National Security Leaks Coming From The White House

  90. 1395

    Axelrod Says Their Attack Ads Aren't Why People Think They're Running Negative Campaign

  91. 1396

    Barofsky: Obama Administration Time And Time Again Helped Banks Over Homeowners

  92. 1397

    Barofsky Told By Obama's Treasury To Play Ball And Good Things Will Happen

  93. 1398

    Barofsky: Geithner Said Housing Policies Were "Foaming The Runway For The Banks"

  94. 1399

    NBC Investigates More Scandals At The Obama GSA

  95. 1400

    NBC: Under Obama, Canadians Have Higher Net Worth Than Americans

  96. 1401

    CBS: "This Is The Worst Economic Recovery America Has Ever Had"

  97. 1402

    WCHE Host Stunned By Obama's "You Didn't Build That", DWS Says Reaction Is "Ludicrous"

  98. 1403

    CBS/NYT Poll: Enthusiasm And Wrong Direction Numbers Not Good For Obama

  99. 1404

    Obama Spokeswoman Confronted With Obama's Own Words On Running Negative Campaigns

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