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Published on Aug 19, 2012

Hello! This is the Ending Episode of Nina's Party ,I hope you like it There's Patrome ,Jeroy ,Peddie and Fabina
~My House of Anubis Story~
They we're still dancing ,But switching Partners ,Fabina and Amber and Some Guy joined
Jerome-I'll see you later Patricia, right now i'll have to dance with your Best Friend
Patricia-Good Luck
Jerome-*Switches with Eddie*
Now Jeroy or something and Peddie were Dancing
Joy-Why Hello Jerome ,I see you and Patricia were Happily Dancing in each others Arms
Jerome-Well i won't deny that
Joy-I choose Eddie for Patricia ,Because of what you did last time...
Jerome-*Groans* But she forgave me already ,And Kruger is a Bad influence
Joy-And you aren't?
Jerome-Bye Joy!
Jerome is now dancing with Amber
Eddie-Well Well Well... ,Patricia Williamson
Patricia-Well if it isin't my Frenemie ,Eddie Kruger
Eddie-Its miller
Eddie-Why are you in such a Witch Mode Yacker?
Patricia-Maybe because my wand and Broomstick are missing ,Because if i had them now i would turn you into a Mouse ,Or better yet a Chicken that we could eat
Eddie-Ouch ,You really Yack to Much...
Patricia-Bye Eddie!
Eddie is now dancing with Joy
Fabian's hand is at Nina's Back while the other one is at her waist and their smiling like theirs no Tomorrow!
Fabian-Are you enjoying your Birthday Party?
Nina-Yeah.. ,Anyways ,Since Graduation is in 5 Months ,Where are you going to go? ,I mean College ,Where-
Fabian-*Kisses her Cheek* Nina ,We still have 3 Months to think of that ,We still have Prom
Nina-Your right...
Fabian-C'mon its time to blow your Cake *Puts his arm around her waist*
Nina-*Blushes ,Looks down*
Nina's Cake-(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-U9AKByajwCs... )
Joy's Cake-(Lets just say it has 3 Bread that are at top of each other ,Purple and Black ,With a Candle number 18 ,Oh and a candy of Flowers)
The Guest and Other's sing Nina and Joy a Happy Birthday and blowed their candles
After that they Ate and Danced once more ,The Guest left and it was the Anubis Gang left to clean up
Amber-Ugh! this is the worst thing about having a party ,Cleaning Up
Mara-Amber were already finished
Amber-Oh.. ,Lets go then!
Eddie-*Turns off the lights* Lets go
And they Leave ending the Party
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Comments • 4

More loved it :D
lisha pops
Its fine its Still really good and I used to be a big patrome fan from reading fanfics but then I watched it. And they look wrong together but the sound cute x
Loved itt!!! :)) xx
lisha pops
More and I can't decide which couple I like in your story because jerome seams totally sweet while eddie. Seams to be a jerk but I'm usally a huge peddie fan :s xx
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