The Biggest Mage Knight Army (Similar to Warhammer)





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Uploaded on Sep 23, 2008

Watch the Epic Battle between Elven & Human Alliance and Undead & Orc´s Horde

Nightwish - End of all hope
Linkin Park - Wake


Program: Ulead VideoStudio 10
Special thanks to: Josip for letting me
use his figures in this video

Figures used in this video:cca 700
Miro´s figures:452
Josip´s figures:680 (and counting)
( he cant find his cavalry, dammit!)
Total number of figures:1132

Mage Knight is a miniatures wargame using collectible figures, created by WizKids, Inc. Both WizKids was formed by noted game designer and publisher Jordan Weisman, who designed Mage Knight along with Kevin Barrett. A synthesis of classic miniatures games (of which Warhammer Fantasy Battles is possibly the best-known example) and of collectible card games (which began with the introduction of Magic: The Gathering in 1993), Mage Knight was an immediate success when it was introduced in 2000.
Unlike other miniatures wargames, Mage Knight eliminates the need for reference to rulebooks and tables by integrating a dial into each figure that contains its current combat statistics - movement rate, attack and defense values, combat damage, and special abilities. While this system lacks the versatility of other miniatures games, mainly because players cannot customize their figures, it makes up for this by facilitating rapid gameplay and by having a large number of distinctive figures. The system, called the combat dial, has proved to be highly popular and is used in WizKids's other games, including Heroclix and MechWarrior. The dial allows a figure's displayed statistics to change as it takes damage.
All miniatures, called warriors, come pre-painted and are pre-assigned point costs based upon their abilities. These costs range between 3 points (only the limited edition goblin volunteer Podo has achieved this low of point value) to over 500 points (for the tanks and the Apocalypse Dragon). To play a game, players will generally agree upon a point cost total, and then design their armies to maximize their strategic capabilities within the specified point cost total. Each player is allowed to take a number of actions per turn equal to the point cost total divided by 100. These actions include movement, combat, or the use of special abilities such as Regeneration and Necromancy. Game play is typically rapid, but often highly strategic, both in terms of traditional maneuvering and combat common to miniatures games and because of the unusual combinations of unit special abilities that make every army unique.

A fast-playing game of tabletop combat, players take on the roles of powerful Warlords commanding armies fighting for cause, glory or conquest. Races of fantastic beings armed with magical weapons and incredible mechanisms populate these armies, allowing groups of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Trolls and hulking Draconum to clash in mortal combat. If you are to conquer the Land, and crush your enemies underfoot, you will need every magical, martial and technological resource to create the ultimate army.


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