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Published on Jan 16, 2007

http://www.ted.com Cambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey argues that aging is merely a disease -- and a curable one at that. Humans age in seven basic ways, he says, all of which can be averted.

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Prismira Vex
I must live forever. Survival is my prime directive.
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Wuv living
We won't be alive if we don't work to get these therapies under medical control ASAP. If anyone wants to talk about the new breakthroughs in the research, come to the Healthspan Longevity Discord Channel (https://discord.gg/ftSbffu) There are even researchers there you can talk to
Etheviel 11
are you still alive ? i would be happy to know so
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i will comment on this in 1000 years, cya!
Ekaterinya Vladinakova
Aging is a disease, no one should be forced to live with it but we are. We will one day be able to decide between growing old, or staying biologically young for as long as desired. Some of us will take it a step further, merging with technology and becoming transhuman. I myself would take this route. 
Ekaterinya Vladinakova
Donate here: http://www.sens.org/  Every year around holiday season, we do these major fundraisers in which for each charitable dollar we donate, our donations get matched by 2 dollars for each 1 dollar we donate. 
Imagine how long this dudes beard would be in 1000 years????
Miladin Sinik
+Amy Stevens Rhetorical question
Lord Tony
We probably could have achieved this a long time ago if we got rid of religion entirely. Imagine the world being a more scientific place of understanding.
religion is a rational science imo but w/e, the biggest antagonisti of gerontologic research is not religion, but stupidity of humanity decision making as in refusing to cooperate in important sciences.
Otto Beumelburg
Fanciful human endeavours (imaginary or not) are part of being human. It's also part of how we invent things, including scientific development. Can't quantify all of history without it, even if one did agree that such a world was better. I speak on neither behalf of science or religion, nor do I entirely agree with Aubrey about lack of advancement equalling condemnation. For all we know, the Singularity will wipe us all out in 20 years. Not to mention how dogmatic mainstream science can be already, look at Dean Radin or Rupert Sheldrake's talks. In summary, your statement is broad and unsupportable. There are things you have not seen.
Soul Reaver
Don't want to break high hopes but if a scientist ever figures it out you can bet it's going to stay in the hands of the top 0.1%, would never get in the hands of mere peasants.
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Akmon Ra
Most technologies start at the top, but normally become more and more accessible as they grow cheaper and cheaper.
Jessica Nissan
+Dark Matter Wasn't referring to you
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I want to see more from this incredible man.
+RulerL0rd Their MitoSENS project is being crowdfunded http://www.lifespan.io/campaigns/sens-mitochondrial-repair-project
7 years have past since this talk was released. For those who are in the field? were there palpable advances? please explain.
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+Grey Alien If the situation improves, probably.  It's their homeland after all.
Grey Alien
+valinor100 are they ever going back tho?
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amazing beard
Paul J
In response to Kaki Tk's comment that 'we can't cure aging... because aging means time... time means moving... moving means life. if we cure aging... that means we stand still in time.... and means death.' I don't buy all that. Aging does NOT mean time. Time passes, sure, we can't stop time, but that doesn't mean we can't stop aging. The reason? Its because aging and time are two different things, they are not the same. Time is time, its the process of seconds turning into minutes, minutes turning into hours, hours turning into days, days turning into weeks, etc. Aging is something different, a different process, its deterioration that happens as time passes.
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Time is mana.
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