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Published on Sep 14, 2012

Live debate! Ray Comfort vs AronRa
live on Radio Paul's Radio Rants
Monday Sept, 17th 2012 @ 7:00pm Pacific, 9:00pm Central,

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James Benton Ticer
I wish Ray would interview me on the street like that. I'd love to explain the whole evolution of the gills and lungs thing to him. I bet he wouldn't include me in his movie though.
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its been done repeatedly but he refuses to understand anything
Gerard Trigo
I think a lot of people would, but as Truth Seeker pointed out, he edits out those with credible, knowledgeable answers and quote mines to get the statements that support his views.
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Paul Wettstein
Ray Comfort is full of crap.
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Marilyn Newman
Paul, that's why his eyes are brown. My granddad told me that joke when I was 6. LOL Also about a Texan that was too big for any of the coffins, so they gave him an enema & buried him in a shoe box.
+Paul Wettstein And he is being interviewed by the one person even more full of crap.
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 The Atheist experience gets accused of picking dingbats for callers. Yet it is Ray who literally try's to find the dumbest drugged out dingbats on the street and asks them to prove evolution to him right then and there without visuals. Why do creationists believe that evolution = atheism? You could falsify evolution to me right now and I would still remain an atheist towards their god, you could prove creation and I would still remain an atheist to their god. Atheism in whole as I understand it rests and falls on the claims of their god, thus proving that one thing is wrong doesn't make their god real, if they proved creation they would still have to prove which god is the creator before I would be a believer in their god.
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Marilyn Newman
Don't be silly, he won't go to heaven. USed to say only a 144,000 JEWISH males that were virgins. Revelation 14 3 ... No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. 4 These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they remained virgins. . Because, god wants to be your first. You can't count how many christians pretend they DON'T know what that means.
+NewDay Awesome bullshit.
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The basis of the Christian religion is faith. At the beginning of the video, Kirk says "we'll prove the existence of god without the use of faith". If he could do that, he wouldn't have faith in his god anymore, he'd simply be acknowledging that which is obvious. But his religion requires faith. So by eliminating faith, he is defying his own religion.
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Robby C
+Olvi Langstrumpf How is it you are missing the "Indoctrination" factor, children from infancy on being told that they must accept and love god or suffer eternal damnation for eternity by this loving god. Your "religious Faith" has nothing to do with knowledge, it simply allows you to believe whatever irrational, illogical nonsense you need to remain shackled to your deluded belief, because face it, you are desperate to believe whatever it takes to appease your fears and your cognitive bias as a result is blatantly obvious. Evidence is not based on "feelings". Your claims of people being helped by "Jesus" can be made by every other religion on the planet including those practicing Voodoo. What you conveniently fail to realize it the strength those people found was buried deep inside them and they were only able to find it being convinced it's coming from something more powerful than themselves and the only reason it was "Jesus" is because that's what they were deceived to believe. Gullible weak minds and weak hearts have always embraced one religion or another;those that have the courage t look inside for their strength rather than to the heaven manage very well, no gods or delusions required.
härjaren Langstrumpf
+JAKE WHITE Where do you get that Cameron's a satanist? Also, you need to learn punctuation and spacing. Too long; didn't read!
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Jarlaxle Daerthe
I find those pushing Intelligent Design are often  the best evidence against Intelligent Design...
The Borax Kid
Ray Cumfart
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Stoppit! At least cum has a purpose
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Dee Cook
Ray Comfort is a liar and a deceiver. He makes up facts to fit his agenda and completely ignores any truth.
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Water is wet
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Christa Stempel
Ray Comfort is not only one of the most idiotic people on earth, ever, he's also one of the most manipulative little assholes of all time - so, I don't consider him to be just an ignoramus, but a conniving little shit.
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nemo nilnada
+Dann DaMann yeah blood moon jewish new year equinox next date is winter solstice what a coincidence
Dann DaMann
+nemo nilnada Maybe the moon. It was a full Lunar eclipse with the moon being larger than normal? Very strong pull for all those religious "lunatics"..ha, ha. I know, real corny! 
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Never heard Ray speak for long before - except the banana fiasco.  He is truly one of the most limited thinkers I have ever heard.  The priests of the middle ages must have loved numb-skulls such as he.
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He probably doesn't believe his own crap that he spews out. But he is making money. That is why he does this. For him its an income.
Baal Buster
Love him?  He would have been one.
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Chris Keranen
Ray misunderstands biology.
Max Orbit
Ray misunderstands "thinking".
He has NO understanding of biology, and he admits it.
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