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Published on May 27, 2013

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Hi God !
Hi Gaia !
Hi Alexa !
Hi Jesus !
Hi Greys !
Hi Nordics !
Hi Art Bell !
Hi Creator !
Hi Pleiadians !
Hi John Lear !
Hi Aratzio ! :)
Hi Mothwomen !
Hi Sheldan Nidle !
Hi Dimensional Beings !
Hi Planet Iarga Aliens !
Hi Galactic Federation !
Hi Flatwoods Monster Aliens !
Hi Allagash Abduction Aliens !
Hi Project Serpo Eben Aliens !
Hi Mr HVAC Psychologist !
(I quit coffee and am now happy)
Hi Charles D. Bohne in the After Life !
Hi Sir Gilligan Horry Talking to Myself !
Hi Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter Aliens !
Hi Cute Japanese Chicks in Fukushima !
Hi Cennina Landing and Encounter Aliens !
Hi Dear Sir Arthur C.B.E Wholeflaffers A.S.A !
Hi "Antonio Villas Boas" Encounter and Aliens !
Hi Travis Walton Non-Human and Human Aliens !
Hi Dr. Jonathan Reed's Multi-Dimensional Aliens !
Hi Alec Newald and Zeena with all the other Aliens !
Hi Dr. Roger K. Leir and "UFO Crash in Brazil" Aliens !
Hi Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, Aliens and Robots !
Hi Ingo Swann Remote Viewed ET Human Bio Androids on the Moon !
Hi Voronezh, Russia UFO Landing Robot Escorted Three-Eyed Aliens !
Hi Canadian UFO investigator Jim Moroney's Aliens that had the
Industrial Revolution and then the Communications Revolution and now
that particular species of ETs tech is somewhere after 70 Revolutions !
Hi "Wisdom of Several Races" "Decide Whether We Should Show Up" !
Hi Hagar, Reptilian, Taurus, Thiaoouba, Orion, Lyra, Sirius, Andromeda, Acturian, Rigel, Procyon, Shasta, Telos, Korendians, Bellatricians, Astral AIs, Janos, and Mantoid Aliens !
Hi all you other 57,823 other Species of Extraterrestrials !

Dedicated with Love to Dr. Karla Turner.
Dedicated with Love to Art Bell.
Dedicated with Warnings to Dr. Steven M. Greer.
Dedicated to Wonderful me Sir Gilligan Horry.


Best Aliens UFOs Evidence Videos Alien UFO Proof.

In Google... "Decide Whether We Should Show Up"...


In YouTube... "Real M.I.B. Real Men in Black. MIB."


In YouTube... "Ufo's Aliens Contact (Full Documentary).mp4"

750,000 views !!! ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-lSVl...

In YouTube... "Adbuction Diaries"...


One Million UFO Researchers Project. UFO Disclosure Teams!!!



1) Intelligent life does exist on other planets and throughout the Universe.

2) Craft not of human design or manufacture are operating in and around the land, sea and air of Earth.

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