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Published on Dec 26, 2014

HALO COMPLETE SAGA V2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM-iA...

00:00 Halo 4 Terminals (1-7)
14:56 Halo Wars
40:52 Birth of a Spartan
43:27 Deliver Hope
45:25 Halo Reach (Director's Cut)
45:45 Halo Reach Gamescom Teaser (Mixed in w/ Reach)
01:28:07 A Spartan Will Rise (Mixed in w/ Reach)
02:31:55 Halo CEA Terminals (2-8)
02:49:17 Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary MCC
02:59:57 Halo CEA Terminal 1 (Mixed in w/ CEA)
03:48:40 Halo CEA Terminal 9 (Mixed in w/ CEA)
04:04:37 Halo CEA Terminal 10
04:06:23 Halo 2 Anniversary Terminals
04:11:25 Halo CEA Terminal 11 (Mixed w/ Halo 2A Terminals)
04:38:56 We Are ODST Trailer
04:41:15 Halo 2 Anniversary
04:59:55 Halo 3: ODST (Mixed with H2A)
06:13:55 Halo 3: ODST Reveal Trailer
06:39:02 Halo 3 ODST Legendary Ending (Part 1)
06:47:50 Halo Landfall (Live Action)
06:53:46 Halo 3 ODST Legendary Ending (Part 2)
06:55:26 Halo 3 MCC
08:16:28 Halo 4
08:19:27 Halo 4 Terminal Prologue
08:20:41 Forward Unto Dawn snippets
08:23:35 Halo 4 E3 Teaser snippets:
08:52:20 Halo 4 Scanned Live Action Trailer
08:55:50 Halo 4 Infinity Live Action Trailer
10:12:36 Halo 4 Legendary Ending
10:14:30 Halo: Spartan Assault
10:19:52 Halo Infinity (Spartan Ops)
11:07:17 Halo 5 E3 Reveal Trailer
11:09:02 Halo 2 Anniversary Prologue
11:10:35 Halo 2 Anniversary Epilogue
11:11:23 Halo Master Chief Collection Announcement Trailer

The Halo universe is rich with epic stories of heroism, adventure and sacrifice. We have been fans of Halo since it was first released in 2001. This video represents the entire Halo story told in their games, in one video. This video is in chronological order, FOR THE MOST PART. We took some liberties in the chronology in order to make the video itself more entertaining. For example, the bulk of the Halo Combat Evolved terminals should actually be in the beginning of the video, right after the Halo 4 terminals. But those videos are a bit slow, and directly related to Halo CE, so we decided to place those right before the Halo CE campaign so that everything makes sense. Our channel owes everything to Halo, and we'd like to thank Bungie, 343 industries and Microsoft for their amazing work. Our work is purely dependent on their brilliance, and is literally nothing compared to their towering achievements. Nevertheless, as fans we want to share this stunning game series and our goal is to simply to help spread this amazing story.

For copyright reasons, we could not include any digital series or studio produced content. This includes, Forward Unto Dawn, Nightfall, Halo Legends. While we are able to post Halo Evolutions, those are standalone stories that don't necessarily fall line with the main series arc. They are excellent videos, and are posted separately on our channel. We also decided to exclude the Halo 3 Believe ad campaign since they are not really canon.

The director's cut is not special version of Halo Reach. We made the director's cut using the power of theater mode, to show each mission in a cinematic fashion. We captured different angles in the story and edited it together to make our version of the campaign stick out from normal "game movies." You'll also notice that we did not go with the normal Noble Six. We did this to make him unique unto our channel.

The only 3 games that have a theater mode for campaign are Halo Reach, Halo 3, and ODST. Halo 3 and ODST are both limited in options; most significantly you are not able to rewind the film, so capturing different camera angles would be incredibly tedious. While we have a deep love for Halo, we also run a full time Youtube Channel, and dedicating so much time to one video is not plausible for us at this point. We are not ruling it out for the future, but for now it is not on our schedule of videos.

Watching the Halo story in chronological order is definitely a lot different than watching/playing the game in the order they were released. Overall, I believe it makes the story much clearer and less confusing. But at the same time, some plot elements don't have the same impact by watching them in chronological order. For example, Halo Combat Evolved had one of the greatest surprises of any game when half way through we discover the Flood. Watching the story in chronological order changes that moment, since we already know about the Flood from the Halo 4 terminals and from Halo Wars. I don't believe it ruins the experience, but it definitely changes it.

Halo © Microsoft Corporation. "Halo: The Complete Saga" was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

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