FFIV The After Years - Palom's Tale: The Mage's Voyage - Challenge Dungeon





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Uploaded on Jul 22, 2010

First video on the new computer.

So, its time for Palom's Challange Dungeon, emphasis on CHALLENGE.

ChallengingWay is located in Troia City. If you start it off the same way i did, you will get the rare stuff in the final chest.

The dungeon is similar to the special dungeon in FFIVA: you will appear on a random floor. The dungeon is three random floors before the last one, so you will need a bunch of trips to see them all. They range from a powerful monster floor, a couple of mazes floors, a magic floor, a flan only floor, and a floor where you can heal and possibly exit the dungeon. The only save point is right at the end, right before the boss. So, if you save here and can't beat the boss, you are stuck.

This video runs through the bridge Floor (Sealed Cave setting with bridges), Strongarm floor (siight maze with strong monsters) and Town Floor (town setting maze with Medusas, mad ogres and Lamias. Here, there is a well to heal yourself). To save time, I;m just running through them.

The final floor has the boss and this is probably one of THE hardest bosses in the game. Yup, and two mages are fighting it. Hooray.

The boss is a puzzle. Basically, it will counter almost EVERYTHING with Venom Breath, doing 300+ damage to both characters and inflicting sap. Then, after the counter from anything other than the elemental spells, it will use Leech on itself, healing itself. The more HP it has, the more it heals itself. It won't normally counter the three elemental spells you attack with as long as it is his weakness: Fire, Ice or Thunder. However, it will cast Fira, Blizzara and Thundara on either one or both for heavy damage. And it will use Venom Breath as a normal attack instead of a counter. And since you are mages with low HP even at level cap, this is very very bad.

The boss will take damage from one element, no damage from another and will be healed by the third. the boss will shift elemental weaknesses every so often. His weakness is NOT the spell he casts. So if he is weak to Thunder, he will cast Fire and Blizzard. Due to Leonora's weak black magic list, Palom is the one who will doing the damage.

Here's the long way: put the Blade Draon on slow status (will prompt a counter). Heal and then wait until he casts a spell. When he does, have Leonora cast one of the other two spells. Then once it hits, have Palom IMMEDIATELY cast either the 3rd spell if Leonora's healed or did no damage or the same one Leonora did if it damaged him. Its risky as an incorrect guess from leonora is met with a Venom Breath counter. The dragon has 10,000+ HP, so this may take awhile.

Or you could do my method. I farmed for Silver Apples in this tale and brought their HP to 3500. I have the equipment that boosts Intelligence and the moon strengthens black magic. Enter the fight and spam Particle Bomb band. It will do about 6000+ HP damage. He'll counter with Venom breath and Leech With my HP so high, I don;t have to heal unless something goes wrong like he targets one character repeatedly with magic. Three article Bombs finish him off. its a good method to finish the dungeon quickly.



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