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Published on Oct 19, 2016

Third Presidential Debate Donald Trump Hillary Clinton FULL VIDEO Final Debate Third Presidential Debate Donald Trump Hillary Clinton FULL VIDEO Final Debate | Fact Checks of the Third
Presidential Debate

Rick Wilking / Reuters
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off one last time on Wednesday, at the University of Nevada at 9 p.m. ET. Fox News’ Chris Wallace will moderate. We’ll be tracking the latest updates throughout the day and covering the debate live below:
James Fallows on Clinton’s and Trump’s debate styles.
Adrienne LaFrance on the results of a computer analysis of the election.
David Graham on where Republicans stand on Trump.
David Graham with a roundup of Trump and Clinton scandals.
The editors on the latest election updates.
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Emma Green 26 minutes ago

Students at Liberty think Trump was the winner. "He went more in-depth," said Hanna Debnam, a senior. "Trump won because he attacked her record," said Cody Johnson, another senior.
Priscilla Alvarez 27 minutes ago

Chris Wallace didn’t intend to fact-check the candidates—but he did so anyway.

Coming into the debate, Wallace suggested that he wanted the candidates to fact-check each other, but several times throughout the debate he interjected himself to challenge the candidates’ claims or to compel them to stay on topic. In particular, he pressed Trump on the sexual assault allegations, the Trump Foundation, and his comments that the election is rigged. Such an approach felt necessary in light of previous debate answers from Trump that strayed from the truth—although he did not hesitate to question Clinton either.
Russell Berman 35 minutes ago

Trump's Tough Time Debating for 90 Minutes

Pool photo
One of the big stories of these debates has been stamina, and not in the way that Trump wanted when he tried to raise concerns about Clinton's age and health. It turns out that the 70-year-old Trump is the one who struggled repeatedly to stay poised for the full 90 minutes of a presidential debate.

Tonight the candidates debated civilly and even substantively for the first 30 minutes or so, and then Trump, as in the first debate, seemed to lose his discipline and composure. He began interrupting Clinton frequently, whispering "wrong" into the microphone, and digressing into non-sequiturs. By the end, he was suggesting he would challenge the results of the election if he lost and giving answers about topics like Syria that were simply incoherent. Clinton spent days preparing for the gauntlet of a 90-minute debate, and it showed.
Andrew McGill 41 minutes ago

At the first Republican debate, Trump declined to pledge his support for the eventual GOP nominee. Now, he’s made the same demurral, but this time, he’s refusing to support the eventual leader of the United States. Trump might not see the situations as all that different. But they are.
Kathy Gilsinan 41 minutes ago

Life, Including on a Campaign, Is 'All High School'

I love Wolf Blitzer's wondering aloud about whether the candidates were going to shake hands at the end. (They did not, and they didn’t at the start of the debate either.) When I was growing up, my parents often said to me, of grown-up life, that "it's all high school." I've thought this many, many times since high school—but maybe especially this year.

No post-debate handshake. Hillary leaves the podium first while Trump lets her go greet Wallace first.

The Most Irresponsible Thing Ever Said in a Presidential Debate

As far as I’m concerned, Donald Trump’s remarks about the election results—his statement that he will keep us “in suspense” about whether he will accept the results on November 8–is the most irresponsible thing ever uttered during a presidential debate in my lifetime. The moment that passed his lips, any substantive evaluation of whether he won or lost the debate was decided: he lost by showing himself unfit for the massive responsibility of the presidency. Shame on him.

In his closing statement, Trump says: "When I started this campaign, I started it very strongly: "Make America Great Again," we're going to make America great again." He goes on to add: "We cannot take four more years of Barack Obama and that's what you get with her."
Clare Foran an hour ago

For her closing statement, Clinton says that she is "reaching out to all Americans, Democrats, Republicans and Independents" adding that we need everyone to "help make our country what it should be." She added: "I've been privileged to see the presidency up close and I know the awesome responsibility of protecting our country and the incredible opportunity of working to try to make life better for all of you."


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