I Haven't Got A Clue. A One Direction Love Story 7 *Collab With Rockergirl8897*





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Published on Jun 11, 2012

Just wanted to point out there... I don't even know Ali's last name xD
Previously: Episode 6- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5Iy8e...

~Episode 7~
Harry's POV:
By the time me and Zayn got to the hotel to our rooms, we saw Selena limp into her room and Tay with Bells ignoring Lou, Li, and Niall to theirs. I sound confusing. To make it simplier. The girls, walked to their room obliquely mad and the boys confused. When they shut the door me and Zayn walked over.
"What did you do?"
"I don't know! I seriously don't know!" Niall cried out.
"We didn't do anything. Girls are probably mad for no reason!" Louis said.
"Girls are crazy, well at least they are, that's why, Dani's the girl for me, El's the girl for Louis and Ali's the girl for Niall. Liam reasoned.
"Do you hear yourself! Di you hear how selfish and rude you are right now! I can obviously see why they walked out on you without a word, you weren't even worth a breath after the last things you said, after being so stupid and blind." I exclaimed, with that I walked to my room and locked the door.
I looked at my phone,
Thanks for standing up for us. It was nice of you (:

I texted back,
You heard!?

Yes I heard, well actually we all heard... Well we're tired... Anyway Gnight. And us girls say thank you.... Oh and btw... Since you're apparently the only single one... Wanna have breakfast tmrw with us?

I texted back,
Sure, nite xx


Zayn's POV:
Harry just owned Li, Lou and Nialler. Well they did deserve it for bad mouthing the girls. I was beyond pissed. That's when I heard high squeals and high heels clambering against the marble floor in the hallway. We all turned and I saw Danielle, Eleanor and Ali. I rolled my eyes as they tumbled and jumped into the arms of Liam, Louis and Niall. Me and Perrie are still strong and going. I see why Perrie was jealous before, I forgave her, I mean I would also be jealous if another dude was holding her hand. Perrie had to go back. I looked over at the rest of the mates. They were laughing with their girlfriends and/or soon-to-be-girlfriends. I once again rolled my eyes and walked to Harry's room and collapse on Louis's bed. The original bedding was Harry and Louis in one room and the rest in the other. But seeing as they got their girlfriends. I slept in Louis's bed.

Ali's POV:
Me and Niall are back on! I didn't dare love or even dare like Niall before he got famous. But now, he's such a sweetie pie, he'll get me whatever I want and everything I want! I just have to make sure, that little pest Selena doesn't get in my way...

Taylor's POV:
Selena dozed off, the doctor said, Selena would be sore but will be perfectly the way she was before by the morning, after a good nap. Bella shortly after feel asleep then it was just me. I felt extremely lonely and I couldn't fall asleep... Because I didn't want Danielle to kill me in my sleep, I was thinking what else they would do... And I wasn't really sleepy at all. I got up and tiptoed, two doors down to Harry's... And Louis's room. I looked out my door, left and to right to get a glimpse of Liam, Louis, Danielle, Eleanor and Niall with Ali walk in laughing like a party. I rolled my eyes and sighed, to think they were different and perfect. Once they shut the door I continued to tiptoe, to Harry's room. I knocked and Harry opened only wearing boxers. He sure is fit.
"Anything wrong, love?" he asked.
"Can't sleep" I replied.
"Come in" He said. I came in and the click or the door must have woken Zayn up cause he shot up his bed and said, "Taylor?"
"Hey Zayn, Can't sleep"
"Oh, Want to play UNO?" Zayn said.
Everyone agreed and we started playing... A little later there was a knock, Harry opened it and said, "Something wrong Bella?"
"No, can't sleep and Taylor's Gone"
"Right here" I said.
Bella walked in and Harry to,
"Tay! Way to leave a note or something!" she said
"It's fine, what y'all doing?"
"UNO!" Zayn screamed.
Me and Bell's giggled.
"Can I play?" Bella asked.
"Off course love!" Harry said.
We played when I had a thought come through my mind, Wait Selena's injured and alone in her room! I shot up, "Selena's in her room alone!" I yelped quietly. Bella eyes widened.
"It's fine, love, nothing will happen" Zayn said.
"Yea, yea... Me and Bells are just going to check!" with that me and Bells ran into our room and saw a peacefully sleeping Selena. We smiled and walked back out to Harry and Zayn.

Ali's POV:
What they didn't know... I was here.
Bella and Taylor barged into the room but luckily I hid under the bed. Once they were out I stood up.
I warned them.
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