Ultimate Doom: Blackfist Missions: The Catwalks UV max in 1:25 and UV speed in 0:11





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Published on Mar 27, 2011

WAD Title: Blackfist Missions: The Catwalks
Filename: CATWALKS.WAD (in dmcatw.zip)
Level(s): E2M1
Author: Rich Dersheimer
Year: 1994
URL: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=...

Demo Category: UV max (100% Kills and Secrets; "Ultra-Violence" skill) and UV speed (just exit the level; "Ultra-Violence" skill)
Time: 1:25 (UV max;) 0:11 (UV speed; starts at 1:35)
Player: Eric "The Green Herring" Baker
Recorded With: Ultimate Doom.exe v1.9
Recorded On: March 18, 2011
Video Recorded With: DOSBox 0.74

Demo Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6650582/CATW-...

This small level boasts that it is "[d]ark, scary, [and] not for acrophobes." Translation: You must go through four almost completely dark rooms with little difference between them, fully hidden from the automap, accessing multiple teleporters among the eponymous catwalks to find the ones that get you not just to the exit, but the key needed to open it. Oh, and these teleporters do not follow any kind of pattern. Have fun!

Seriously, though, this is pure trial and error. Maikl calls this "easy," which is certainly applicable if you already know where everything is. If you don't, you'll spend minutes fumbling around until you /eventually/ find the exit. That's assuming you have the key, of course, which, contrary to the text file's warning to "watch yer step," is found by jumping /off/ the catwalks to find more teleporters. Ultimately, there's little fun to be had here, and you're better off skipping this one.

You can see why UV max would be a bit of a hassle. On top of the stupid teleporters, you have to be a bit lucky in places, too. Certain monsters can teleport into places where it takes too long for you to get to them, and you'll have to telefrag a few if you want to have enough ammo to kill them as quickly as possible. Even if you know the layout, it's hard to maneuver in the pits where some of the monsters are, because even with maximum gamma correction, you can barely see a damn thing. The fact that the level is completely hidden from the automap means you can't use it as a guide, either. On top of all that, you'll generally have to either run around or fire into the darkness, and hope you hit, if you want to find the spectres quickly.

Oh, yeah, did I mention there are spectres in this level? Just checking.

This marked the first time I ever watched a Maikl demo for ideas, because trying to plan around this crap was a bit too aggravating. I took the first four uses of teleporters from his demo, and then went on from there. My first exit was 1:36 after four minutes. 17 minutes later, I got the packaged demo. The final time is almost two minutes faster than Maikl's 3:21, and a single sub-1:30 time was as far as I was willing to go. If you somehow want to improve this, the downloadable archive includes a map of the level showing where the teleporters go and where the blue key is. It's in the file CATW-MAP.PNG, and is vital to use if you don't want to to drive yourself crazy.

My UV speed demo, on the other hand, demonstrates how easy it is to beat this when you know where everything is. Of course, the fastest path you'd think of when looking at my map does not include a strafejump to another platform. It's /quite/ difficult, though, as not only does it require strafe50, but you'll need to be in just the right spot or you'll miss. My first exit was :12; :10 /may/ be possible, but I wouldn't count on it. You're welcome to try, though; I doubt I'll ever head back to this level again.

I hope you enjoy watching these runs more than I did making them!


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