Nothing Lasts Forever [17]





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Uploaded on Jun 27, 2009

Song; Mind In The Gutter -Chris Crocker. LOL !

And, you guys should definately read Roxy11091's story. SO GOOD. She didnt ask me to do this or anything, but i thought you might appreciate it if your not already reading it. (:

One minute I was running down the streets of Germany in a clown costume, the next I was staring at...a pool table?

I blinked my eyes and looked around, finally recognizing my own basement. Man, that was a weird dream. I must have fallen asleep on the couch.

I put my hands over my face and slowly sat up, adjusting to the light. It looked like it was mid-morning. I reached into my pants pocket, pulling out my cell phone. 10:00 A.M. I had a missed call from a number I recognized immediately from when he called before. It was imprinted into my brain.

I sighed, remembering last night. All was going great until we started talking about our past. The only thing that really confuses me is why he got so worked up about the situation and not me. I'M the one who was left behind. I'M the one who got their heart broken. I'M the one who had to sit for years wondering if they were ever coming back, if they were ever going to call or write or...anything. Most importantly, I'm the one who was cheated on.

I dialed Joe's number and stood up, stretching. I could feel my hands start to sweat as the phone kept ringing and for some odd reason I felt the need to make myself look like I wasn't nervous to hear his voice. I don't know why, I was the only one here but I just have problems I suppose.

Finally, someone answered. "Hello?"

"Joe?" I said. My voice sounded rough and...gross. It kind of surprised me at first, but that's what sleep does to me I guess. Attractive, I know.

"Hey, Rosie." He sighed. I cleared my throat and smiled. That's what he used to call me.

"Rosie?" I questioned, my smile fading. That nickname was part of a long string of memories I trained myself to forget.

"Oh, sorry. Rose. Did you get my voicemail? I called you a couple hours ago, I forgot you were off of work and you could sleep in."

Before I could ask him how he knew I had overslept, he interrupted. "Your voice always sounds weird when you first wake up."

I heard the smile in his voice.

"Right." I felt the corners of my lips threaten to turn up. "No, I didn't get your voicemail. I just noticed you called, didn't really think to check it. What's up?"

Okay two things; a) WHY is it so...so normal?! Talking to him, I mean. I hate him. Well, not hate exactly. More like disrespect or annoyed. He made my life hell and now that he's back...it's as if nothing's changed, yet everything has. This is what I get for being polite and calling him back.

b) Why is he calling me? And coming to my house at 4 in the morning, but not actually coming TO my house? And taking me on dates? And...apologizing? Well, technically not apologizing. I mean, he has but he hasn't said exactly hwat he's sorry for. And I need to know that he knows exactly hwat I went through, and I know how that sounds. It sounds hihgly dramatic, but I can't help it! He changed me and he can't gain my trust back so easily. Plus he can't fix things with just an apology.

He breathed into the phone. "I just wanted to say sorry for walking out on you...this morning. I didn't mean to be rude. It's just those memories..." His voice trailed off. "Anyway, if your not doing anything today, I'd like to redeem myself and give you a full apology. And explanation."

I hesitated and searched my brain for an excuse to be anywhere away from him today. "Um...I don't know, James might want to do something. We haven't spent much brotherly-sisterly love time together lately." I squeezed my eyes shut at how bad that lie was. James and I are closer than anything, of COURSE we spend loads of time together. And Joe knows that. He'll see right through it.

"I actually called your house when you didn't answer. James answered and said he was going out with some of his friends. He left a note on the counter."

Or he could own me.

I shifted my weight and pursed my lips together.

"Oh...okay, well I still don't know I mean--"

"Please, Rosie?"

I gritted my teeth together. He needs to stop calling me that.

Sorry, ended it at a weird place. lol

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