The Rising (Diophysitic Emissary)





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Published on Aug 19, 2012

This song was recorded in the "Gerila Studio" in Novi Sad Serbia. For more info, check out the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/GerilaRepStudio

This beat is the property of Dansonnbeats, who creates amazing hip hop instrumentals and is one of the best (if not THE best) youtube instrumental producers I've heard of. You can check out his channel to listen to this instrumental and plenty others: http://www.youtube.com/user/DansonnBeats


Chorus: (SKYLINE)

Find, that snare in I
They stare to guide
Their prayers my mind
stays clear, despise
their fears and rise to kill
man chill, and fill your ears with this shit


Oh shit, I'm throwing down the gauntlet
These kids here, more dangerous than a bomb threat
So guard your neck or get wrecked get your chin checked
got the beat rockin like wind assaulting a ships deck
you could never fathom the phantom like animal
my rhyming timing mechanical the precision incredible
phony rappers are edible not too many are credible
or prove their mettle i sizzle like blazing metal
it's about to boil like a tea kettle im about to step on the pedal
and settle to claim the medal before we all go mental
so dont meddle as i lay waste to the instrumental
so what you wanna battle for?
slam the hammer like thor
buckin rhymes like a 4ty4 magnum
tag em with the quality of back to back platinum
is it surprising that our rising got all the bitches with lust in their eyes?

Chorus x2

Verse 2 (Ace)

When you all start lookin down it means we started speaking up
And when you think we serious we actually don't give a fuck
Then we start to throw it up you know we gonna blow it up
And when we 'bout to live it up you know it's time to give it up
You know I like it when it's hot you know I like it when it's straight
My verses must be pussy man cuz you know I can spit'em great
Take the bait and get a date
Stay out till it's super late
Want to mate, get debate, win it so the loser hates
Packin so much heat that liquid nitrogen won't cool me
Pussy, money, weed you know I'm always with a groupie
See a female on the street I offer her a roofie
Watch and laugh as she falls down then grab'er by the booty
My "youtube" bong is viral it alreay has a million hits
Callin me a rookie but I give exactly zero shits
Even if they legalise it would still be scandalous
Rollin, smokin, coughin, chokin, you know we like cannabis

Chorus x2

Turbulence & Ace (Mixed)

...More dangerous than a bomb threat
Rollin smokin coughin chokin you know we like cannabis

Comments • 30

Душан Андрић
Savili gg wp
Stefan Pete
ja sam samo na refrenu nije to fora :D 
pete u fazonu pohvaljujem sebe
Thanks for the advice! This is our first song together, so there is obviously room for improvement. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you'll also enjoy our future work. We'll try to incorporate everything the listeners have mentioned to deliver overall better music.
Stefan Pete
Jako ste talentovani, samo napred! You are very talented, keep up the good work! :D 
Yovann Camire
Nice beat man 
Really nice, but i think that you hold a little too long on the words, both of you. For example in the chorus, instead of saying like "riiise" i think it would sound better with just "rise". But that´s just my humble opinion :)
Kul Djubradi
Yeah the beat is awesome. Dansonn is one of the best youtube producers I know of. Really, really talented.
Good job bro.
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