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Published on Dec 28, 2010

The final mission of Red Faction: Guerrilla. There is no down time. Hopefully, some of the strategies I used will help others finish this mission. The final cut-scene is also included at 34:03. I skipped over save/load screens, and the credits. Recorded from my PlayStation 3 with Pinnacle TVCenter Pro. Enjoy the gameplay!

0:37 Get to Sam.
0:58 Put the Nano Forge in the console.
1:07 Activate satellite interface.
1:23 Defend the labs.
5:13 Get back to Sam.
5:30 Get in the modified tank.
5:45 Get to the top of the mountain.
30:04 Destroy the doors and kill General Roth.
32:14 Destroy the doors blocking the missile launch.
34:03 Final Cut-scene
37:04 Final Transmission of the Voice of Mars.

My favorite weapons are the Rail Driver, Nano Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Sledgehammer, and Arc Welder. The Rail Driver has an X-Ray Scope, and is usually a one hit K.O. weapon, most useful from a distance, for hijacking vehicles, and shooting at enemies from behind cover. The Nano Rifle is useful in any situation, since it destroys everything. I also like the Thermobaric Rocket Launcher, but even when its fully upgraded, it only has 8 rounds, making it obsolete compared to the normal Rocket Launcher's 18 round capacity. I only use the Sledgehammer when I'm out of ammo, or when melee attacks are necessary. I use the Arc Welder to hijack EDF vehicles, after my EDF Mobile Rocket Artillery inevitably gets destroyed. Then, when vehicles become unnecessary, at an ammo box, I switch the Arc Welder out for the Rocket Launcher, to destroy aircraft and tanks.

Red Faction: Guerrilla Walkthrough (hosted by IGN)

Head up the hill to the east and enter the building to talk to Samanya. Load
the nano forge into the console and go down the hill a bit to the next
objective marker. Use the computer here to take control of the EDF artillery
system once again. This time, you are only able to aim in a small area so make
sure not to let many vehicles get through. You are allowed to let six vehicles
through before you fail the mission and there is a counter in the top right
corner. Make sure to aim a little ahead and try to make them pile up to slow
them down. There will be three areas you have to bomb from before you complete
this part of the mission.

Go back up the hill to Samanya when you complete the artillery strikes. Grab
the modified tank and just follow the path all the way to the objective marker
while destroying every EDF vehicle that stands in your way. It can get pretty
difficult so be very careful and always aim for the strongest enemies first.
Don't ever charge through a vehicle that isn't already destroyed either or the
explosion from the vehicle will do a good amount of damage to your tank. After
a while, you will see some towers on the sides of the road. Take these out too
because they will have turrets on top and some are powerful. Your tank will
likely blow up, at which point you should jump out.

Run for the nearest vehicle you can reach and kill the gunner on top. After you
kill the gunner, give the driver a second to get out and hop in this vehicle.
An APC is nice but the quicker vehicles are better since it only takes a few
shots from these cannons to destroy the vehicles and with a quicker vehicle,
you can dodge the shots better. Keep battling and driving up to the top of the
mountain and you will reach a little gate area with several soldiers in front.
Kill them or run past them if there are a ton of enemies behind you, just be
very careful either way.

Run up the hill to the left and hide behind the fence for health since you'll
probably need it at this point. Slowly fight your way to the top. You will
notice some marauders helping at points, try to help them so they will survive
and help you against the next set of EDF soldiers. You will reach another one
of the EDF checkpoints where a ton of marauders are. Clear out this area and
make sure to pick up a rail driver. Continue up the mountain while the
marauders cover your back. Once at the top you will get the objective complete
sign and a tank will come out with the EDF general inside. Pull out your rail
driver and use the scope to see his body. Shoot him a couple times with the
rail driver since it goes through walls to kill the general. Sprint for the
tank and get in it. Blow out the doors with the objective marker over it with
the cannon to open up the cannon and complete the mission.

Thanks to FrankTheTank3388 for the walkthrough.


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