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Published on Jun 24, 2010



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This is a disgusting procedure; Shaytards should be ashamed. 
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I can't believe you are honestly laughing about mutilating your baby! If this were your daughter would it still be okay if you were to cut off her labia and clitoris? It's not more hygienic and manly to not have foreskin. You have foreskin for a reason, if you didn't need it, your body wouldn't make it.
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drose fan
Disgusting people.
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Ana Carolina Vitorino
I think any discussion that is done with respect is valid. 
iPod Touch
This sickens me. Why would you put your own child through literal torture for the stupidest "reason" ever? Circumcision is literally the most stupidest and pointless thing ever. It should be 100% illegal. I never knew shay had this done to his own child. And before I knew that I loved him. Now I can't even look at him the same way again. It's disgusting. He's disgusting for doing that to his own son.
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Nuclear Goat
This video fucking sickens me. If you want him to look like his dad, why don't you also feed him 350 pounds of lard so he can be fat? Why not force him to grow a disgusting neck beard like his dad when he's older? It's very obvious that the only reason you circumcised that poor baby is out of ignorance. Sickening. Completely FUCKED. And I'm circumcised, so I know how fucked this procedure is. Having a gross desensitized leathery keratinized head and having little sensitivity. Fuck off.
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so let me get this straight... you're circumcising your kid so hes dick would look like yours? you truly are the epitome of the stereotype. fat and fucking dumb american...
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Typical retard unintelligent Americans. "we do it because we do it" is essentially the best reason they can come up with. Hygiene is the most pathetic excuse for mutilating your baby's most important part.. The foreskin actually protects the head of the penis and is fused to it until closer to puberty... that means no dirt or bacteria can get onto the head of the penis. The only reason kids get infections from foreskin is because the idiot parents/doctors are so uneducated that they think they have to pull the foreskin back to clean under it, which actually tears it off the head and creates an open wound, which then gets infected. And because he should look like his dad? Are American parents going around looking at their son's dick constantly obsessing over it? Disgusting. What if the dad only has one testicle? Does the boy have to lose one of his too? Like are parents in the US just allowed to remove whatever healthy functioning tissue they want to make the baby look a certain way? Their son is going to hate them for doing that to him... especially considering in a few decades circumcision will be more or less an uncommon thing... even in the US the way rates are dropping... He is going to be the MINORITY around all his friends if hes circumcised... so hes going to be the odd man out AND missing the best part of his penis. Great job you fucking idiots! Oh by the way its a complete violation of his rights. Americans are literally so stupid it blows my mind. Absolutely incapable of understanding the most basic wrong doings.
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A way to tell your children you don't love them.
forced circumcision is uncool, especially on babies which cannot be given even effective anesthesia.
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