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Published on Dec 4, 2008

interesting clip

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ill ironiks
oh, so that's where God exists. In the 10th Dimension. cue the atheist angry rants
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universe that we know is ever expanding space, and space exist within 4th dimension, so multiverse is in 4th far far far far from 13th dimension if there is one.
Lol. I'm an atheist, but I still find this funny.
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Stefan Lopuszanski
While this video is interesting and thought provoking, it is completely and scientifically wrong.
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Bryks Chiapc0
Plus it's just really fun and intriguing to think about and conceptualize.
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Martin Cross
This is well imagined, but flawed. The key thing about three dimensions is that they are orthogonal to each other. We think that time is logically orthogonal to the three dimensions of space, thus forming a fourth dimension (Feyman's book "Strange Theory of Light and Matter" observes subatomic particles travelling backwards in time). But dimensions are not 'higher' and 'lower', and one must first observe another orthogonal dimension before one can say anything about its characteristics - folding or whatever.
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Kirk Broadhurst
Right. And to extrapolate, this makes the '5th' and '6th' dimensions less meaningful. Conceptually a 5th dimension - which is orthogonal, or runs across, various timelines (4th dimensions) may make sense... but what exactly is 'different' across those time lines? Is it just the physical location of objects in space - i.e. people, places, memories, 1s and 0s in a computer? All of these things can be completely described using the 1st through 3rd dimensions. Similarly, the alleged '7th', '8th', and '9' dimensions - across possible universes - implies that there is something different across these universes apart from the existence and location of physical objects. We already a need to define some additional orthogonal properties to satisfy the 5th and 6th dimensions. There's simply no good analogy using simple 'time' and 'possible orders of physical objects' to get above the 4th dimension.
Martin Cross
That is a good question, and I'm not sure the answer is so easy to give. For instance, colour is a good example where an infinite range of shades can be derived from three orthogonal elements of red, green and yellow; but the same infinite range can also come from four orthogonal elements: as cymk. So, Pink say, is obviously not orthogonal to red, but does it pass through the zero point? And what about Orange? It appears not to be orthogonal at first yet, in fact, it is one of the colours of the rainbow: 7 colours that must surely be orthogonal being equal elements of the same infinite colour-set. Not so easy for me, but I am no physicist.
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กฤษฏิ์ ;
my head hurts.
I think the term "The alpha is the omega" applies here quite well. It's likely this 10th dimension is just a loopback. Much like the Möbius strip.
Woody Phillips
I think self-embedded cyclicity is the only explanation (apart from the brute fact view) of why there's a first dimension initially, and not just dimension 0.
+Mineko u b genius
Richard Castaldo
not to self: take lots of lsd, rewatch this video.  
Jaime L
+Richard Castaldo This video depicts a universe where you did in fact take lots of lsd and rewatch the video
northwoods dipping
+Richard Castaldo you would probably die of a brain explosion ha ha
Hate when videos confuse time with spatial dimensions. Stop fucking calling time the fourth dimension, its not.
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Stefan Lopuszanski before you both blow a fuse. It's all theoretical. Einstein basically described Time as the 4th dimension, and theoretically, different periods through time can be viewed as different points in a 2D line representing the 4th dimension. There are physicists who do not agree with this, but again, it is entirely theoretical.
Stefan Lopuszanski
You're the one making a fool of yourself. You talk like you know stuff, but you clearly do not. When you say things like "how physics apply to a 2nd dimension that only has height and width but no depth" it shows you haven't studied even elementary physics. Each spatial dimension is independent of itself. That's why basic trajectorial equations can have components of X and Y be completely separate. Time is not separate because it is not a spatial dimension. Ask any physics professor "is time the 4th spatial dimension?" They will tell you no. Here, I'll give you links to actual experts talking about this since you fail to look this stuff up. https://phys.org/news/2012-04-physicists-abolish-fourth-dimension-space.html http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/blogs/physics/2014/04/how-many-dimensions-does-the-universe-really-have/ And more. Show me one single physicist who says time is a 4th dimension and can be treated as a spatial dimension.
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What if it just keeps going? What if every point in our universe is a 10th dimension of another multiverse and our 10th dimensional point is a 1st dimensional point in another? Just a neverending fractal multiverse.
Nepu-Tech USA
It wouldn't work, because you wouldn't be adding anything new since the 10th dimension already encompasses every possibility of everything. My theory is that the 10th dimension is God, the beginning and the end.
Harry Balzak
+DovahSpy Yes, fractals are the ultimate answer to everything, until we learn something more accurate.
This was a wonderful thought experiment, and I genuinely enjoyed the video, but unless I'm missing something, these higher-dimensional imaginings aren't even remotely comparable to the 6 compact spatial dimensions you get in some superstring theories (i.e. Calabi-Yau manifolds), so that connection at the end seems a bit, meh.
Bud Charles
I know what 11 might be! You said the 10th dimension is all built up by strings. So what if another point in the 11th dimension is all the possible timelines of all the possible universes built from something other than strings. And the 12th dimension allows you to fold to get between these. Of course none of any of this is supported by evidence yet so don't start getting excited.
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What do you think they will find? I expect a reaffirmation of the higs boson. I honestly don't know what else to expect. I heard something about particles that make up quarks? Not sure if that is credible but still incredible how we keep managing to find out more about the fundamental components of the universe as we collide beams of particles at higher energies.
Pearl Carol
+OblivionTF Oh, right?! I about lost my shit when they turned it back on a couple days ago. It's so easy to forget it'll take time to analyze the data when I'm so excited by what they could find. :D
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