Reaching Endgame in Guild Wars 2





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Published on Sep 11, 2012

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One of the many things I keep coming across and wanted to do a video about. Footage is of a lot of dying in aformentioned endgame :D

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Shoto Kan
Payed 60$ in 2012, its 2014 and I feel the game is worth 120$ or more now.
after reaching level 80 then playing a new character, it is MUCH harder to reach lower levels, level 10 upwards is a reaaalll slog to do the story, it gets much easier after around 40 to level up successfully quite quickly. I still go back to my level 80 and she is my favourite character, I use her for the living world events and crafting artificer and tailor. I wouldn't say I am ANY where near endgame, I only just found one boss and I have been playing for AGES, and then you have all of the achievements and the stuff they are adding as it goes on and dungeons and crafting! it is a really nice endgame section, because it is MASSIVE!
Rex Sobb
This game is freaking awesome... i cant get to max lvl cus im stuck in heart of the mist pvp... just cant freaking stop, it's sooo interesting... rank 32 so far, lvl 31... man... i bet shit will get serious at lvl 80:))
The problem with GW2 is that while your level is matched with an area, your equipment isn't. This encourages only level 80 groups for play, while lower levels have a significant disadvantage even if they are doing content that is around their level (looking at you Ascalonian Catacombs).
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Joey van de ende
End game in gw2: full ascended and legendary gear, get Some expensive things in the gemstore without paying real money for it. And if you wanna hardcore end game you do that 8-16 times again until you have all characters slots full. I now Played 215 hours and got my first ascended backpiece
Avocatul Poporului
GuildWars 1 is the best mmo game ever made, anet just killed the story with gw2 (guild wars 1 comunity disband, less than 10% are in guild wars 2, most of them left), the game play, the mechanics, the ambient, the sounds, the colors, contrasts, the story, the mini movies, pve system, pvp, server system, chat, comunity (best ever), decent balance on skill, good strategy to not create "duels" because promote hate between players, and many many other positive things, the music inside the game was smooth and relaxing, the character movment was perfect and smooth, there were no grey aliens races inside this game, just human look, fair pvp, no hacks, this game was very hard to cheat, there were no hacks in gw1 guildwars2 has nothing to do with guildwars1, guildwars2 is totally diferent from guildwars1, they should rename the game to Rift 2 a game like guildwars1 apears once in 30 years, just think that guildwars 1 have pvp for pros and pvp for noobs (easy pvp and hard pvp), im not going to talk much about the pvp because is to much to say, u had many pvp systems in this game, 4 vs 4 (Random Arenas and Team Arenas), 8 vs 8 heroes ascent (for pros and some pugs), and 8 vs 8 GvG clan versus clan (for pros), Alliance Battle for everyone (many girls liked to play AB in guildwars), farming in gw1 was amazing (rly nice pve), the ones who played this game some years ago know what im talking about, im talking about the thousands and thousands of build skills combinations, you were able to create your own build, your private build, your secret build, and go with your build to farm bosses, or mobs in diferent locations, the mechanics of the skills was unique and smooth, best skill system and game play, i tested all mmorpg games and GuildWars had the best game play, im refering to the skill system and activation mechanics, the skill engine, best, in all this years i didn't finded one, but one game wich can reach just the smoothesnes of character movment, camera, skill activation, and interaction of guild wars 1, i tested everything and all are epic fails, from aion to guildwars 2, tera and the "company", failed games with cheets, no endgame, no real pvp, failed pve, games wich stress u, point less stories, clueless, complicated games, made from wrong ideas GuildWars was that kind things wich are made simple, good and with everything.  hmmm, a game made in 2003 (or around that times), rly profesional, i bet blizzard with his billions of dolars wanted this game dead, because of envy... guildwars 2  ws not needed, they should continue deving guildwars1 same as world of warcraft, was the biggest mistake ever made, the fail of the decade, guildwars 2, they only have to improve graphs in gw1 and add some nicer features for example jump and some things and everything was ok is not only you who not likes this crap with eyes! most of us, most of the gw1 players we never expected such fail, and the worse thing is that anet is paying to hide the ppl opinions, they flood the internet with counter opinions, paid opinion propaganda gw2 is wrong from all aspects, it have nice graphs, but the other things are dry, races (why races ffs?! i dont like aliens), skills, game play, no end game, failed pvp, failed pve, ... puh! anet u sold yourself to the evil masons from blizzard, traitors!
anyone else catch and appreciate the terminator reference in the video as much as I did?
I enjoyed the story :)
Giorne Ganz
another thing i noticed that alot of people just get to lvl80 to get cool looking armor and cosmetics rather than focus on storyline
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you just got another subscriber :)
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