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Uploaded on Dec 23, 2009

This is the inaugural run of my new router flattening system. I've seen them in use in wood projects online, especially for flattening large glue-ups, such as those for tabletops, and I've long wanted one. The 132-piece maple/walnut heart cutting board I made for my mom for Christmas was the tipping point. I needed to plane the pieces flat after the glue-up, and with my planer broken, and my 6" jointer too small for either direction, this was the only option.

The rails and router bed are made of red oak held together with drywall screws. There's no glue used. I'll have to make up some more router rails for various part thicknesses, as there's very little vertical travel in this router, and a lot is used up just getting the bit below the 3/4" oak base of the bed. The rails about 28" long, and the bed is a full 3'. This is also the first time in well over a year that this workbench has been free of piles of crap across its entire length. It was nice to see it again. I used paper as shims to get both rails level along their lengths and with each other, which was a little bit time-consuming, especially with needing to check *after* clamping, undoing the clamps each time to shim again.

I really wish I had a one of those conveyor drum sander things. I could flatten one side with this, use that to get the other side in parallel without fear of massive tearout on these end grain glue-ups, and then flip again to clean up the tool marks from the router here. Some day...


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