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Published on Jul 13, 2010

The Top 10 Hardest Zelda Bosses "In My Opinion"
It's annoying to see all of the comments stating "You think these are hard, what are you 2 yrs old" every zelda boss is easy! None of the game play video is me, I found all the footage online! The list compiles many factors into the battle... like the time it takes to defeat said boss, such as the fossil boss from TP, or puppet gannon. Or like giant moldorm pushing you off the stage and forcing to restart the battle. I also tried to include as many of the games into it as well.
(actual video of gameplay!)

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Jtrex 95
Nice vid man but here's some constructive criticism. Next time dont play background music and ingame soundtrack at the same tine its a bit distracting thanks 
All the older games were much more challenging....sigh...I miss the old days when games were hard. Now thanks to marketing tricks, games are too easy now.
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mophead guitarzan Bongo Bongo from Ocarina of Time was not easy
mophead guitarzan
+Valcore 4 Yeah me too, they're both killers unless you have some crazy stability shield and a craptton of stamina. Awesome bosses though!
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I could beat almost all these bosses with my EYES CLOSED #3easy5me
+JoyfulBacon IKR!
Alex H.
To all of you saying whichever of these bosses was easy, cut this guy some slack. These bosses were hard for HIM, not necessarily everyone. This was from HIS perspective, not the community's.
Not necessarily him, but in the series in a whole 
Scottie Currie
I thought the dragon boss from Twilight Princess was REALLY hard! Seriously, you're fighting with only dual wielding clawshots in a super windy thunderstorm, trying to get up to this flying dragon on floating plant copters that fall when you hang from them! It was pretty difficult!  
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Caio Leite
Dude, if you put the Iron boots, you wouldnt be pushed away! kkk
Scottie Currie
+Caio Leite True, it wasn't hard because you would die too much. I just found it hard because of the freakin wind that never stopped whipping you off the pillars!
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Stallord was my favorite boss ever. it was one of those massive fights ive always liked, im still searching for games with bigger fight than that though
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SuperMarioAaron 46
that was my least favorite fight from Twilight Princess. cause as soon as a reached the boss room, I thought I was gonna beat him. but I just kept losing to Stalord. cause he's so hard to beat. and I used the Spinner to his spine, and it didn't work. and that got me so clueless on how to beat him. and that was the moment when I realized i had to press B when I advance for his spine. like how the hell was I supposed to know that? I was screaming in agony and crying in rage. all I wanted was to defeat Stalord. and all I had to do was to break his spine by pressing B? this is the worst boss ever. and I know some people agree with me!
cake train
+Zekaniah The final colossus from Shadow of the Colossus is probably the biggest boss battle I've ever had.
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Collin Campbell
Gyorg was a pain in the ass! 
big Octo is a big pain in the ass
+natethegreat94 I remember having more trouble with Barinade than Big Octo in Lord Jabu Jabu dungeon on my first playthrough
Please don't put music over music.. This video was just an audio mess.
Bosses I can handle, but that stupid Goron moron dance in Oracle of ages that you have to pull off twice? Now that's hard.
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