Serious Sam 3: BFE Playthrough (4) No place to hide - All secrets, Serious difficulty





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Uploaded on Dec 12, 2011

After the failed rendezvous attempt with Garrett, Sam must make his way through the residential slums to find the remains of Garrett's helicopter.

A short and sweet level, though some criticize this level for the turrets, because it "slows down" the pace of the game, I don't mind personally. Still enough action if you ask me. I was rather sloppy on this one, sorry for the carelessness you might spot.

Nine secrets in this segment:

1: 0:18 - 0:23 At the starting point, directly left are some crates against a wall, jump onto the wall using the crates. On top of the wall you should see a nearby armor shard on top of a small little awning. Jump onto the nearby air conditioner unit and from there jump to the awning and grab the secret armor shard.
2: 0:26 0:36 Shortly after picking up the armor shard, there is another wall with some crates against it, use them to get up on the wall, and from the wall, make a careful jump onto the other nearby wall. Follow the wall until you see some small roofs above windows that you can jump to. Jump to each one, even past the palm tree until you get to the last one which has small alcove above it that has a secret small health.
3: 1:30 - 1:32 In the next courtyard with a large dumpster will be yet another wall with crates against it. Use them to jump over the wall where you'll find some secret electricity cells on the other side.
4: 7:23 - 7:26 Right before the mosque is a breakable wall, destroy it and near the back you'll find a secret XL2 Laser gun, with some small health as well.
5: 7:29 - 7:49 In the same area as secret 4, there is a building with three air conditioner units getting progressively higher, nearby is a large pile of boxes. Jump on top of the boxes, then to the first air conditioner, and from there jump onto the second one. Jumping onto the second one can be tricky at first, but keep trying. Once you get to the second one, make your way to the third, and you'll notice a wire extending out from the air conditioner onto the building opposite. Carefully walk across the black wire to the opposite building, and once across turn right. You'll see a couch with a single C4 explosive that is required for the next secret.
6: 8:05 - 8:13 Backtracking to the open street prior to the mosque entrance is a wall in an alley that normally is covered with garbage bags (I destroy these bags earlier at about 6:20), destroy them if you haven't already, and it will reveal a red C4 outline that allows you to attach some C4 to the wall. Do so, and detonate after reaching a safe distance, and walk through the resulting hole where you'll find a secret rocket launcher.
7: 9:43 - 9:50 A little after the mosque you find the downed helicopter, you should come across a wall with some Arabic writing on it, a nearby air conditioner and drum against it as well. Jump on the drum, then to the air conditioner, then over the wall where you'll find a small yard with a mini-secret electricity cells. Beware, once you pick the electricity up, a few kleers will attempt to ambush you.
8: 12:40 - 12:48 At the end of the of turret "maze", there is a locked gate. To the left of the gate is a small alley that has a large dumpster at the end. If you look left of the dumpster after reaching it, there will be some crates and a drum nearby the entrance of an even smaller alley that you can walk through, at the end you'll find some secret armor.
9: 16:46 - 16:51 In the last area where you'd normally fight the Technopolip Helicopter (that is assuming you didn't destroy it already in the previous area earlier with the secret rocket launcher), directly right of the blue gate at the end will be a cracked wall that can be blown apart using the rocket launcher. After breaking it, go through to find some secret health lying on top of a couch.


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