"Shadow of Israphel" Part 34: The Spire





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Published on Nov 4, 2011

After chasing the corrupt King Finbar through the forgotten dwarven mines of the Deepcore, our heroes must put an end to his evil plans at a mysterious building in the middle of nowhere...

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Comments • 14,198

Chaz G
All of this started with a pale faced man at the Yogcave...
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A really mean person
+Professor Gutnacht no, when the yogcave was built was when it was scripted fun fact simon only it was scripted when it was episode 20 (or somewhere close to that)
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Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic
3 days to save the world! 5 FUCKING YEARS LATER...
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Garen Gurung
Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic j
Maybe they failed and don't want to show the heros failing.
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Atticus Cseh
This literally brings tears to my eyes. This is the best piece of fiction I've ever seen. Thank you Yogscast. You've changed my life.
Phijkchu Pyrarson
Wow, they only have three days to save the world! I sure hope they do it quickly.
Nicholas Ramirez
5 years later.... think they lost
Ben Carson
"3 days"  Well, I thin you guys missed your deadline. 
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you need to think of it like this: they havent touched the server for 2 years, so the time and everything within is frozen
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Extreme Pelican
3 days 7 hours ? yep daisy's dead by now.
Am I the only one that cried??
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*lie down* *try not to cry* *cry a lot*
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3 days to save daisy... pretty sure she;s screwed by this point...
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Thepickduck Pony
+Evan Rose 3 years have passed
+Evan Rose They still missed the deadline in that case.
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Liam White
We are going to save the world, and more importantly, save daisy. Years pass, and the server is not touched, stopping time and everything within
Liam White
I never said that the three days were over, just bringing up the comically long wait time.
Friendlygamer Basil
that still doesn't mean the 3 days are over though, since you said yourself "stopping time and everything within"!
This episode came out the day I started watching the yogscast. I can't believe it's been 4 damn years...brings me back to when I got this feeling of adventure every time I logged into a vanilla single player world. Now I record it not for the game but for the people I'm with. The game is not what it used to be, but it's changed so many lives and I think most of us can say the same thing about ye olde goon squad. They may have changed, but the lives they've changed will stay forever grateful. Thanks yogscast, I'm glad to have been here for so long, and here's to as many more years as you all provide.

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