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Published on May 24, 2007

The ending of Zelda a Link to the Past,one of my favorite RPG games. I'm sorry folks, youtube had pulled this video down for no apparent reason and I re uploaded it..

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This ending is absolutely brilliant because it gives an immense feeling of accomplishment and makes you look back at all the people you met and all the lands you conquered throughout your quest, and you realize that Link not only became a hero, but also a man. And when the credits starts rolling and the music kicks in, you can't help but get teary eyes.
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Justin The gamer
El Momento Norteño I wish for a mail box
El Momento Norteño
dont forget that the triforce granted his wishes so he could have asked for his uncles ressurection.
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Very rarely have I ever felt so happy with the ending of a video game. I was moved almost to tears the first time I beat this game (I was 20 and unfortunately did not have it in my childhood). Seeing everything restored and everyone so happy was so fulfilling and the icing on the cake was definitely the ending credits and the beautiful music. I will never forget this, one of the best games of all time.
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ZeldaCat One-Eighty
I also didn't have this game in my childhood and only recently beat it a couple years ago (when I was able to purchase it on the Wii U Virtual Console), but I was really happy when I did! <3 This is one of the best Zelda games ever!
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The Legend of Zelda: A Randy to the Past. Am I the only one who always left Link's name...Link? :)
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Francisco Javier Valdez
wildsmiley cool xD
Romullo Cordeiro some clearly don't for some weird reason, but I'm glad you do!
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This is the ending that all other Zelda games are missing.
lee gaming
+rjfink nope, this ending is missing what is in all of the other zelda games.
So freaking epic... Watching how all your hard work actually restored not just the world but the people in it felt so good,,, And the music, it really makes you feel like a hero...
A. J. Giurato
This might be my favorite ending of all time. One of the down sides of big budget games these days is the pressure to make the ending feel like a movie. ALttP does a perfect job of tying everything up and just feeling fun. It focus less on being a dramatic, technical marvel and instead on making the player feel like a hero and genuinely happy to have saved the world.
YEES!!thats how i felt!!
Sir Auryn
And the master sword sleeps again, Forever!"
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Gerard Landry
Landon Kemp nope. A Link Between Worlds says so.
Landon Kemp
Or does it?
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Ryan Mulherin
2:20 now the king is left wondering what is for dinner.
Cancer Kid
this is my favorite zelda game. i dont care how many more pixels modern zelda's have. this one just has a lot of heart.
How do you know when a game truly touched your heart? ....when it makes you cry....
+Jason Marin Same here, i can't help but to remember all those great memories from when i was a kid, a link to the past was a big part of my child hood, when i listen to this again i almost feel like crying, i miss the old day. aha.
Gorilla Monsoon
Thank you, Randy, for saving Hyrule and bringing peace to the land.
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