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Published on Oct 7, 2008

Sleep Paralysis will be experienced by one in five people. Victims wake to find that they are paralyzed and unable to move or speak. Many experience frightening visions of demons, shadows, or an old woman known as "The Hag." For others there is simply the unmistakable presence of evil. In extreme cases, these potentially supernatural attacks can occur for decades. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and entirely alone, victims can lead shattered lives dominated by the fear of social stigma. Those who seek medical advice are often misdiagnosed and labeled psychotic or schizophrenic.
In "Your Worst Nightmare ~ Supernatural Assault" Soul Smack explores the surprisingly common and greatly misunderstood phenomenon of sleep paralysis. In this ground breaking documentary, Soul Smack interviews actual victims, consults with experts, and offers advice on how to live with what might be your worst nightmare.

Soul Smack will launch it's media rich site on 10/31/08 to coincide with the premier of it's DVD "Your Worst Nightmare ~ Supernatural Assault." In the meantime, we are offering a few temporary pages as well as a forum for feedback, insight, and discussion. To access the forum, please register as a new member. Welcome to our community!

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Call On The LORD Jesus Christ This WILL STOP it every time.
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+Tijuane Morten I said potatoes and I woke up. It's a placebo effect, and please, could you all either use proper English or speak your native tongue? 
yes it does stop it because it happened to me n i said lord first chance i got n it stopped
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Scariest shit I've ever experienced. I don't believe in spirits or nothing like that but when I get it, theres just a complete feeling that something very evil is crawling inside my stomach. And that's when I try to fight it but I can't until I finally break loose n wake up.. if you've never had it be happy, worse than any movie or experience
redi kurti
Soemthing similar happened to me some time ago i was asleep at a certain moment i got knowledge that i was waken up and couldn't move then i felt my self sit down if front of my pc i was so scared that i wanted to cry but i couldn't then i woke up.... kinda impossible to explain by words
same here . anyone who hasnt experienced it just wont understand
William Auvele
Why did I watch this at night , fck im a dumbass
Jezanie Lopez
ha y do u ppl watch stuff wit creepy titles at night XD
Tookto H
I want this, but exept for the demon shit I want Kate Upton to come into my room:)
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Tookto H
but i said i wanted to change the demons out with kate upton:D
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This USED to happen me frequently - about 3 times a week - for 30 years . Then 3 months after giving up smoking it stopped and has not happened since - that was 2.5 years ago
Robert Phillips
You think this is bad? Try living in a realm full of spirits, demons etc instead of your own world. You're basically viewing through your own eyes a different world 24/7. This is basically permanent astral travelling but your body,mind etc is all active.
Ulysses Alves
It's like if this is the "actual world", the spirit world. Indeed we are also spirits, but we have a body and also a soul. After this body is gone, you have to make it sure you will be free from these demons, or else you are finished fore sure.
Karl Pilkington
Why did i watch this before bed?
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I did too D:
Idk dude...
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Dean Winchester
last night i saw my self outside my bed WTF
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Brennan Gust
+DeadCow can u realy see ur self
+Dean Winchester Me too, i saw myself while keeping eyes closed.
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Kate Mijares
Just call the name of Jesus and he will save you
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+Ulysses Alves Ulysses Alves! No dream! It was real! I was hunting birds to feed me, (He set had a very poor childhood) I believe that the bird I was about to kill was so small, I probably do not eat, translating would only kill for killing! My parents are evangelical and guided me not to kill the bird that I should not eat, the more times I disobeyed, I believe God sent an angel to scold me a warning for me to know that birds have a very zealous owner! From this day on emm never killed any bird or animal that I should not eat .I want to return to the ways of the Lord as soon as possible, I need to legalize my married life with my wife, I'm expecting God to do the work in the heart of my wife! Amen .Fica the Peace of God Ulysses Alves, thanks for the attention dedicated to me.
Ulysses Alves
+joeldasilvaalencar1 Look, it looks like you have had a dream which has an spiritual interpretation. The Man in the dress so white you saw probably was the Lord Jesus Christ (the blood in His dress talks about the Cross, where He gave His life for us, by price of His blood), at whom people were throwing stones (they don't believe Him, they are not christians), and they were threatening you because you are like Jesus (maybe you are a christian or is a son of God who has not yet understood your call). So, in my view, your dream was given by God for you to understand why you don't fit with your friends / acquainted / relatives. You are not from this world, you are from the Realm of Jesus Christ, you are a son of God. So you'll have to accept your call when the time is right. Also, you can't fight your call, it will just make things more difficult for you until you understand that God is trying to talk to you, and then it will be when He will start to guide your life.
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Kez P
Some people try to explain it in a completely rational way, and for some people, it probably is. But for me, it was definitely a spiritual experience. I used to experience it to the point I was actually scared of going to sleep. Many of you reading this may think I'm crazy, but I'll tell you what I do- which stopped the attacks. Every night, I cover my house and myself in the blood in Jesus. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my house with His presence and since I've been doing this, I haven't experienced any violent attacks (being pushed down, shaken) like I used to.  Sometimes, the odd (non-violent) paralysis will come and I'll just ask Jesus to help me in my mind and it always works. I've had peaceful sleeps for so long now that I'm not afraid of sleeping in the dark anymore. It's amazing. For all those who think I'm crazy, the next time you experience sleep paralysis, ATLEAST try what I did and ask Jesus to help you in your mind if you can't speak.
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