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In Memory Of A.V. Pyzhikov. The Trinity of spirit is the basis of the worldview of our ancestors.





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Published on Sep 17, 2019

Tonight was an outstanding man Alexander Pyzhikov.

This is one of the last speeches of Alexander Vladimirovich - a man who made a great contribution to the revival of knowledge and the study of the past of our Ancestors.

Good afternoon. Greetings, everyone. Today we will have a small but very interesting conversation. And that's what caused it. Today we watch a lot on different channels, on different resources, in the media there is really good information about pre-Christian beliefs. And people are trying to figure out what it is. Offer interesting scenes on the subject. Of course, all this should be welcomed, it is a very gratifying fact that such a great interest awakens to this topic. But the disadvantage in this case is obvious and natural. What, just say, there is nothing wrong because the information that we now face, where people are interested in and try to digest it, she still pretty on the pre-Christian or wider to biblical beliefs information is quite varied, heterogeneous. The result is a mosaic conglomerate. And often pre-Christian beliefs themselves are very valuable, interesting appear in a certain chaotic light, in a chaotic form. Once again, there is nothing wrong with this, because after many decades, if not centuries of silence, when such information is interrupted, a certain chaotic nature is always present. Therefore, there is an urgent need to identify some basic reference points that would characterize the biblical beliefs in General. And these points are not just some interesting stories, some poetics, some epics. These points are ideological in nature, you can use the word philosophical. But we will use worldview. So here's the underlying philosophical point, and if different, the underlying philosophical Foundation to biblical beliefs today wanted to say. What is it? Earlier in the people this concept which we will speak today, had the widest distribution. No one needed to be told what it was. But with the centuries under state and Church pressure, all this, of course, was lost. This is about the concept of the Trinity of the spirit. That's how people perceived, in fact, the picture of life, the picture of the world and the person in it.

* So, let's talk about the basic concept of folk worldview-the Trinity of spirit. The question immediately arises, the Trinity of spirit - what is it? What does this Trinity consist of, if we are talking about the Trinity? In the people the Trinity of spirit was understood as three components. We will call them: the carnal spirit, the mortgage spirit, and the parental spirit. All of them, of course, is in a certain relationship, which we will now say. But these three components have always been basic. In fact, what are the three parts? What are these three spiritual qualities? It's actually not just cubes that need to be folded in a particular sequence. The Trinity of spirit, spiritual qualities-this is actually a description of a person in the world. This description is not just the way of man, but the spiritual way of man. It is from this angle that our ancestors looked at the unity of man with the world. Let's start with the carnal spirit, that's the first. The carnal spirit is the primary, as a matter of fact, it is formed with the birth of man. The carnal spirit and the relation to what it appears has the most immediate such a very interesting person as a midwife, a midwife. I don't think you need to tell anyone what it is. In fact, this is a very key figure in the peasant environment. Not only because it provides, in modern terms, maternity services. Midwife-it is much wider than just some skills and knowledge on the birth of a child. The midwife is even the very name, "midwife"is the one who is the midwife. In fact, the newborn enters life, and the midwife opens the gates for him. Of course, there is a mother who gave birth to this child. The mother at the time of birth is in a weakened physical condition. Because birth is a very serious stress for the body. Therefore, the midwife takes care of the newborn. It is she who takes care of him with his mother, with his father, with his next of kin, with the hearth, that is, with the house. That is such function of the midwife which goes beyond purely medical services. And the carnal spirit, already from these words it is possible to understand, it was always considered and characterized as family. Because a small child, when he enters the world, is, of course, in the family format. It is the midwife who takes care of him literally up to a year, then transfers him to his family, which becomes his home. The child is in the family until one important milestone date. This is a very important date, when the carnal spirit, the family spirit expands, is filled with a new quality, that is, goes far beyond the family.

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