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Uploaded on May 3, 2009

K.Rool Duel with only Diddy.

K.Rool Duel
The pirate mastermind behind the kidnapping. Now finally faces off against the Kong in a some what epic battle. There is no death tune for this level (there should be but was left out for one reason or another).

K.rool works in phases and you cannot physically harm him. Instead, he uses his custom-made blast cannon to dash across the ship from left to right and you must jump over him to avoid being hit. He will then fire various objects from the Kannon . At first he'll shoot Kannonballs that potrudes spikes. These lay on the ground while you have to avoid him dashing across. He can also use the Kannon as a vacuum and will use this often to snare the Kongs and use a melee attack (very similar to Kudgel).

When he's sucking you towards the Kannon, you have to jam a Kannonball inside. This will cause the Kannon to fire while blowing up over K.rool. Being the only way to hurt him, loosing a life means starting the battle all over again. Yep.

After 3 discharges, K.Rool will fall over as if he was defeated, with a tied up DK dropping down. But this is a ruse! DK does the "OMG" eye popping look as K.Rool rises again to fight!

Phase two is where he shoots Spiked Kannon balls in various patterns. Straight Line, Zig-Zag (Bouncing) and "Slinky". At the end of the shots, he will fire a barrel that contains a normal

Kannon ball. This should be used to get him down.

After 3 more goof-ups, K.Rool will do a fake "You Got Me!" defeat once again. But we didn't fall for that the first time either.

Third Phase is where things get hard. K.Rool will shoot coloured gas at you in the previous mentioned patterns. If they hit you, they will have some negative effects on your mobility.

Blue - Freeze (Jump with B to break away)
He will then slowly dash across the room (if you are frozen you can breakway before he hits you). Then starting from the right he will dash normal, but transparent. And then at the left, he will dash to the right completely invisible. A Kannonball appears.

Red - Slow
If you are hit with red smoke, your actions become slow for a few seconds. It makes his next attack very difficult to dodge. A set of 3 Spike-Kannonballs in a straight line. The effects will wear off when the normal Kannnball appears.

Purple - L/R Reverse
Probably the most dangerous. Purple Smoke will reverse your left and right control. This makes his last attack quite difficult to avoid. He will teleport around all over trying to pull you in with his Kannon. What makes this hard is if you don't react fast enough, he will get the melee hit, and you don't want that after coming this far. After four teleports, a Kannonball appears. This one doesn't last long so if you miss, you have to dodge more smoke!

After his Kannon blows up for the 9th time, he falls over again and a Kremcoin drops from the sky .It's over... OR IS IT?! K.Rool gets up again but DK has had enough of being tied up and decides to hand K.Rool a power punch through the ship (man that sounded painful, especially with the added SFX).

We then see him falling off Crocodile Isle, becoming food for some sharks.


Cranky give some words of praise, and ranks you... but tells you to buzz off and find more of his coins (what a grouch).

The ending begins. Normally the cast of enemies and allies are seen sliding across Klubba's Kiosk, but that's boring. In this video, you'll see the cast in their usual back drops while the more important characters (Bosses, Animal Buddies and 3 Kongs) have a small montage.

The Credits (or is it "Kredits?") were re-done. Also when the end shows on screen, if you press A or B or Start, It will go back to cranky and you will see Cranky rant about "no secrets here sonny!".

But whoops, what about Klubba's Kiosk? there's no way this game is finished at under 90%. The Lost Word Awaits.

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