"Bad Boy" [Niley Story] - Ep 4





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Published on Sep 21, 2009

thanks for the comments on the last one =)
hope you like the episode :)
Miley -- [runs downstairs]

Nick -- how did you get out?!

Miley -- [ignores him, runs out the door]

Nick -- [runs after her] MILEY!

Miley -- [keeps running down the street, sees Nick following her, so she runs faster]

Nick -- [catches up to her, pushes her to the ground, sits on her stomach]

Miley -- LET ME GO! [hits him]

Nick -- [pins her arms down]

Miley -- [struggling beneath him] NICK!

Nick -- you really think you would get away?

Miley -- [glares at him, keeps trying to get him off]

Nick -- for a secret agent your not really smart

Miley -- [looks behind him] for a bad boy your not very smart either

Nick -- what?

Miley -- theres some police officers over there

Nick -- [turns around]

Miley -- [kicks him in his stomach, then kicks his face and keeps running]

Joe -- [walks over to Nick] Nick im sorry she said------

Nick -- you are so stupid Joe!

Joe -- im sorry okay? But Kevin and I will find her

Nick -- [gets up] you better! [goes back to the house]


Nick -- JOE!

Joe -- [comes in] Nick i already said sorry

Nick -- do you realize what youve done?!

Joe -- yeah, i let Miley go

Nick -- she could tell the police where we are!

Joe -- oh..i didnt think about that

Kevin -- Nick calm down Taylor and Demi are looking for her now and after the meeting well all look

Joe -- i still cant believe you looked when she said the police were there

Nick -- [glares at him]

Joe -- what?

Nick -- well you unlocked the handcuffs!

Joe -- can we just go to that meeting now?

Nick -- we can go in a couple minutes


Selena -- i dont see her

Emily -- well its a big city, she could be anywhere

Selena -- yeah

Emily -- im sure shes fine tho

Selena -- once we find her shes quitting her job!

Emily -- yeah i dont know why she became a secret agent anyways

Selena -- because shes stupid! and now she could be dead!

Emily -- Selena------

Selena -- im not over reacting!

Emily -- yes you are!

Selena -- no im not! [walks into Taylor] oops im so sorry

Taylor -- its okay

Selena -- [looks at him, smiles a bit] hi, im Selena

Taylor -- im Taylor

Emily -- [fake coughs]

Selena -- oh and this is my friend Emily..i would introduce you to Miley but shes missing! [glares at Emily]

Emily -- [rolls her eyes]

Taylor -- Miley? Thats an unusual name

Selena -- you havent seen her have you? Shes got brown hair and blue eyes and-----

Emily -- wow Sel that narrows it down a lot

Selena -- [glares at her]

Taylor -- i should get going, i have somewhere to be

Selena -- you have to go?

Taylor -- well maybe i could call you sometime

Selena -- sure

Taylor -- [hands her his phone]

Selena -- [puts her number in]

Taylor -- ill call you later

Selena -- okay

Taylor -- [goes to Nicks house] some people are looking for Miley

Nick -- yeah you and Demi

Taylor -- no two other girls, i guess people have noticed shes gone missing

Nick -- well then we have to find her first

Joe -- but if we do find her she will just leave again

Nick -- no she wont cuz you wont let her go again!

Joe -- it was an accident!

Nick -- well you still let her go!

Kevin -- okay thats enough! Nick we need to get to the meeting now or well be late

Nick -- fine


Nick -- [walks into the warehouse with Joe Kevin and Taylor and they sit down]

Taylor -- it seems like theres more people then usual

Joe -- wheres Cody

Kevin -- hes probably running late

Nick -- well hes supposed to be in charge so he should be here early

Taylor -- your just mad cuz you werent voted as the person in charge

Nick -- well i should have been! I wouldnt be late!

Kevin -- uh Nick?

Nick -- what!

Kevin -- we were a bit late

Cody -- [comes in] sorry im late, but we found someone sneaking around outside. So i thot we could have some fun with her before we started

Nick -- so your just going to hurt some random girl?

Cody -- shes not random, shes one of those secret agents

David/Mitchel -- [bring the girl in, shes tied up and has tape over her mouth]

Nick -- Miley?
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