Dua of Sheikh Muhammad Al Mohaisany





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Published on Jul 19, 2009

Different about the Dua is...

The Sheikh gave the Dua', but it wasn't in al Massjid Al Haram, not even in Mecca but in Riyadh and he never got arrested for it or for any other reason and he is still giving the same powerful Dua's.

Shiekh al Muhaissny is a Shiekh in Ryiadh in Al Qaseem area and remained as such until 1415 Hijri when he got transferred to a mosque in Mecca called Al Qatari which is in an area called Al Azeeziyya. And he never led a prayer in Al Masjid Al Haram.

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He was not arrested nor was he ever an imam in Masjid Al Haram. If you do your research properly, you will come to the realisation that he regularly makes powerful du'aas like this. Please do not spread lies, السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
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Shahbaz khan
He was the one of best imam in baithullah (makkah mukarramah) from 1986 to 1995
Roronoa zoro
seem like u dont know nothing about all the markkahs imam fam go do some research
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muslim channel
May Allah save the ummah of Muhammad saw from troubles and worries and may Allah bless the muhajideen in islam and destroy the thagout (devils)and enemies of islam
Faiza Abdi
Ameen ya Allah may Allah swt bless the Mujahedeen and raise them to the highest of all the ranks forgive them their shortcomings and grant them Jannah ameen
Mohazz Formful
ameen ya rabb
Fikiran kosong
P VonHabsburg.... you say Muslim Pigs... but why you and also some christian people eat pigs? so who pigs now... you or us...hahaha... If you say we a Muslim is evil... why your country attack our Muslim country... in fact... you a christian people kill us... you see in Iraq, Afganistan expecially children and women die... because of your country attack us... sick people cannot think the true... the reality ... who is disgusting religion now.... 
dawood motara
what you replied with is very good
The pictures accompanying the video are extremely offensive and shouldn't be used to represent Muslims!
Muhammed Issa Daud
Saida Hans
M Sullivan
What a disgusting puking sound. Only from an evil cult like group of fucking inbreed  morons could this filth originate. Mohammed was a criminal, Islam is a lie. 
Raul Madrid
Bible is a lie,  here is why:  read if your a man..  Book of Genesis Chapter 1  Verse 16, it says all mighty god created two lights,  the greater light the sun to rule the day,  the less sun light the moon to rule the night bible says the light of the moon is its own light. Today we learned the moon gets reflected light from the sun. Book of Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 14,  All Mighty god, he created the earth on the third day, created the sun on the fourth day, that means the earth and vegetables came before and sun came later on.  Btw do you know science? the bible says earth came first and then came the sun. So scientiically is this correct? I dont think so.. all the planets orbits around the sun. HOW CAN VEGTABLES SURVIVE WITHOUT SUN LIGHT?
Muhammad Khursiwala
best dua ever mohaysani
Vicky dam
Masha Allah ,may allah bless u n protect u from tagout regimes
Safiyo Cabdi Safiyo Cabdi
ya allha help brother and sister in falastin
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