"Save White America" Guy at San Antonio Tea Party





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Uploaded on Apr 16, 2009

The video has nothing to do with his RIGHT to "Save White America", it's about him possibly being a provocateur to discredit the liberty movement so CHILL OUT! Read the article and watch both videos.

Comments being moderated due to crude racial attacks.

The liberal media is using guys like this to discredit the liberty movement and lump people who are against the policies of Obama as racist. I explain this agenda to "Save White America" guy.

In this clip I expose a self proclaimed racist, holding a sign that says "Save White America" with his phone number on it. Upon interviewing him he immediately asks if I'm the media and then he gives me his card and blurts out "Wanna know bout Alex Jones or something?".

This was very strange that he said that after I told him I run a website and of course I'm black. He then says he's a good guy, speaks bout the NWO and international bankers. I tried to get him to be the racist he proclaimed but his demeanor and nervous behavior struck me as odd. You have enough boldness to come to a huge rally covered by the mainstream media, then hold up a racial sign with a phone number.

Either this guy is a willing racist provocateur who was paid to come here and discredit the liberty movement and associate with racist extremists. Or this group he is a part of has a handler and he was the one who thought up the idea and pushed into their mind as an idea so they would due it has a pawn for a larger agenda. Last he could just be a delusional believing that the NWO wants us united and racially mixed.

The NWO wants us divided by race and attacking each other based on race, abortion gay marriage and so on. These issues pale to the larger issues affecting us all like the Fed, IRS,the police state and wars for empire. When I brought these issues up he had no response all he could say was race mixing is the problem

Eventually he just walked away because his cover was blown and he couldn't bait me into the racial debate. Just a few weeks ago the media tried to link Alex Jones and Infowars.com to right wing racists. Then this week the DHS report came out stating that people protesting government are racist, and that the election of Obama is creating right wing racist.

After further research I found more info to confirm that he is part of some front business that is really a White Nation group.

Article about this below


Below I wrote a transcript because the speakers in the background were too loud.

0.36 He blurts out Alex Jones.

1.11 - I ask him if he was paid.

2.48 - He says it's the NWO who wants us to unite and come together and race mix,

4.24 A passer-by yells out expletive.

7.00 - I finally expose him for being a provocateur that is falling right into the plan of the people he says he's against. I ask him "What does race have to do with the Fed, IRS, Patriot Act, ears for empire etc.. He can't take the heat so he eventually walks away.

The article below is about how the Tea Parties have been hijacked by the false right paradigm pushers in order to co-opt the movement and prop up their paid puppets, satisfying the outraged people by posing as a resistance to government, and manage the direction and solution for the movement so that agenda keep moving forward because it's always partisan with different rhetoric for either side. Meanwhile the agenda keeps moving forward.



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