Gun Gripes Episode 23: "What's in a Name"





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Published on May 11, 2012

Sometimes firearms manufacturers just rest on their laurels, sometimes they innovate, and other times they are completely farmed out. Bottom line, I feel that a product should speak for itself regardless of what it's made. It's either good or it isn't,

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damn I miss barry
Kyle Gardner
+heldenkatze Combination of both of your comments: "Barry misses life".
+joseph mattingly that's life.
Wow, almost 1 million subs. Wish Barry were here to see you break that million mark. RIP friend, hopefully you suffer no more.
Matthew  Saia
That's why i have Taurus pistols, their good guns and say right on them "made in Brazil" their not trying to claim their something that they arent. Quite frankly nothing is made in America anymore, who cares? Aslong as it works. Even if you were to have a gun built here in America, chances are the parts for it will be from overseas. Accept it as a fact of life and carry on. 
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+Matthew Richcreek Incorrect. Smith and Wesson have a number of guns made by Walther Germany now too.
Mary M
Glad u enjoy ur Taurus too
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Joke's on you guys because I don't have any street lights OR puppies!
magnus thor
i miss the old man..
Peter Peterson
Does it matter where it is produced? I think the important thing is the quality of the design and of the materials that are used.
Brad Colbert
The point is that it seems a lot of the companies mislead you into thinking they're made in the US. Like Springfield's motto is "The first name in American firearms" yet they have no connection to the original Springfield armory besides licensing the name, and a lot of their products aren't "American" firearms as they'd apparently like you to think. The company isn't even based in Springfield, Mass.
how about when you pay $1000 for a S&W worth $400 just for their name, at least with Ruger I pay $400 for a $400 gun
"A nime is a nime is a nime"? So what? This video is asinine. You're hypocrites. You trumpet "patriot" this and "individualism" that, but you're busting the chops of American gun companies because they put their names on foreign products? It's called a free market system. They can do whatever they want to sell their brand as long as they are within the law. If people want to plunk down money to buy the stuff, and they don't know what they're buying, it's the buyers' fault. Why have you got your panties all in a twist because businesses take advantage of stupid people? That's the way it's always been, and the way it'll always be. Are you guys both Iraq vets? Your "nime" says you are, but I suspect that's "misleading".
Hunter Compton
Why I like Milsurps and older guns, you always know where they were made.
dimwit wanker
Sorry, I have to disagree, a name does mean something. It means, or at least should mean, that it is backed by the company. If Winchester thinks that a gun made in Turkey, is up to there standards, the so be it. Besides guns, there are many products that are made by another company, but go under the "Parent Company". From cars, to ovens, to the steaks you eat.  They are being honest on where it is made, printed on the gun itself. I wish they could be made here in the USA, but some greedy bastard decided to put a lot more money in his pocket-Hence, they are made overseas.....Buyer beware!!! But thanks for the video/info to the people that are unaware-Please, keep up the good work.
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