Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Boss Battles Complete on Intense (Part 1 of 2)





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Published on Jul 30, 2010

If you're unfamiliar with Brawl, the Boss Battles is a challenge available after you beat all ten bosses in the adventure. In this mode, you must face all ten back to back (the first nine are randomized while Tabuu is always last) with damage carryover and limited recovery items between battles. They're actually pretty tough on any difficulty, but Intense takes it up to a whole new level: you deal less damage; you get KO'd a LOT more easily, and the bosses' attack rates increase by a substantial amount. This took me a LONG time to do.

My character of choice for these was Zelda. It helped that I was already familiar with her moveset, but the main reason I picked her was because of the flexibility that the Sheik transformation gave me. Some bosses are tough to hang with and need to be taken down quickly; for those Zelda's powerful forward aerial and forward B attacks were extremely valuable. Other bosses, however, are best fought with opportunistic hitting and a lot of dodging; Sheik's agility takes care of those.

Index of individual bosses:

Crazy Hand--0:11. I wasn't thrilled to get Crazy Hand to start off this run; to be quite frank he's just a little too easy and you want the easy bosses to show up at the end. He has pretty low HP and only a couple moves that he ever hits me with (one of them being the hand slap that I got lucky and flash shielded this run); with Zelda I can usually take him down pretty quickly and with very little damage to myself. This run was no exception.

Galleom--0:44. This one is a tricky fight, although it's not terribly hard. Zelda is the choice here for her forward B fireball since Galleom has a ton of really powerful melee attacks. His stomp moves are more easily dodged than counterattacked, but I'm not totally comfortable with a long Galleom fight (it's very easy to screw up somewhere and get hit with something very strong) so I went the aggressive route to try and take him down faster. As you can see, it worked very well.

Master Hand--1:56. Master Hand is a little harder for me than Crazy Hand, but he's still not bad. Again, I went with Zelda in order to take him down fast since he's got a couple attacks that I can't dodge well (this run was actually only the second time ever I've been able to avoid that drill finger). I took my first damage of the run here, but I was still quite pleased.

Duon--2:34. This guy is one of two bosses (Porky being the other) that I just plain suck at and so will be happy with literally any run where I can beat them regardless of how much damage I take. I use Sheik here since Duon can kill you REALLY easily with several moves that Zelda has a tough time dodging. On this particular run, I took a couple shots but in all honesty this might have been the best I've ever done on this fight; I got him to nail himself with all four of those homing missiles to speed things up a lot and managed to avoid his most powerful attacks.

Ridley--3:24. This dude has a LOT of HP and so you're in for a long fight no matter what character you choose. Ordinarily that would mean Sheik for me, but like Galleom he does most of his damage at close range and so Zelda's fireballs are the difference-maker. You'll see a couple points in this fight where I seem to miss opportunities for attacks; these are (for the most part :-P) intentional as Ridley has a quick followup move that he can use after that tail drag attack. I learned the hard way that you can get nailed by that really easily if you try to launch a fireball right after the tail drag.

Rayquaza--4:48. This is another guy with a ton of health, but while he's more predictable than Ridley his moves are quicker, so I need Sheik's agility. The main strategy here is to get into a rhythm with attacks and dodges, and to learn where Rayquaza appears after leaving off-screen so you can hit him with smash attacks to deal more damage. I did a pretty good job for about three-quarters of this battle, but towards the end I tried to fit an extra attack into my usual combo and got nailed with that tail whip. This threw off my timing for the rest of the battle and I took way more damage than I should have.

Click here for Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W28clT...


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