EMU officials: Change your beliefs or leave the Counseling Program





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Published on Aug 3, 2009

Julea Ward is a graduate student at Eastern Michigan University's (EMU) School of Counseling. Her religious beliefs and EMUs contrary views came to a head when she enrolled for the Counseling Practicum course in January 2009.

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Lucas Kinkade
I can't believe how disgusting this person is, and how terrible most of these comments are. She won $75,000 for refusal to do her job and discrimination? It's sad how prejudiced most Americans are.
Jayme Kelbert
Good for Julea! 
Dar Wilson
God will bless you for your stand girl. Remain strong against all adversity and remember, Jesus will give you strength.
Robin Usher
People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the LORD. - Proverbs 19:3
Danielle L.
Oh for god sakes, people! She was JUST GIVING AN OPINION! I looked over this, and it said she refused to council people in a relationship involving sex outside of marraige, gay AND straight! Ok? There is a time and a place for everything, but being online bickering with each other, winging, whining, calling people bigots or ignorant because they have a certain belief (this goes for gay people and straight people everybody!), and starting a culture war isn't accepteble. Ok! I understand people feeling strongly about something, but if you intern turn that strength into anger and hatred towards somebody, it becomes unhealthy. Sure, she has a belief (everyone has a belief and everyone is different) and you may not care for it, but screaming and yelling to try and force people into changing something they feel deep down in their heart is unhealthy and it becomes this arrogance. I understand you all feel strongly about this, but I personally don't like it when people try to shove things down people's throats! C'mon guys! This is pretty much beginning a YouTube war here, and you know what? I havent got time for bs like this so I'm not even gonna participate. But still, you know. You cannot control opinions, you cannot yell 'fire' in a public movie theater, and you cannot just think that by yelling and screaming, you are going to have your way. Ok, we all have a community out there that supports all kinds of beliefs, but please, do not start thinking that you are alone on this. This goes for EVERYBODY, alright!?! Gay people have a lot of support, conservatives have a lot of support, so stop trying to make it look as though you are fighting everything in life alone. Because you aren't. You have to let that go and you have to learn to live with it cause we are all in this world together. People we like, people we dislike, we have to learn to just let things go and move on and learn to live with each other. And even though I have different opinions than she probably does, it doesn't mean that Im not gonna treat her any different than how I treat myself, which is with RESPECT. 
Cherokee-Xi Ayin Da'at
* 'add', should be 'as'. 'asked' should be 'skewed'. Anyhow, if one CHOOSES not to walk in obedience to The Most High's will, then so be it. But stop pushing this feigned agenda of pseudo equality on others. Keep your wicked ways to yourself, and making a spectacle of a lifestyle that goes against the natural order of procreation. The Creator of us all sets the rules, humble yourselves and stop making provisions for overt & blatant iniquity. If you're a non believer, so be it! Good for Julea.
Cherokee-Xi Ayin Da'at
It's a terrible shame that most find her position bigoted and a violation. It's a matter of righteousness, not preferences in sexual matters. Christianity promotes repentance and set apart living unto the Father and what is acceptable to Him, not man's laws. Obviously, the vast majority have a very asked and perverted understanding of what it means to walk add a child of Yah. All sexual deviant behavior, add well as every other immoral act is against The Most High. It's Ba'al Peor worship.
Bigoted bitch
brad Taylor
Im glad she won 75,000. Ahh thats funny shit! Good for her, you go girl! Dont promote there filthy, disgusting, ungodly evil ways!! Its a fad to be a fag! Not right! These poor children have to be forced into watching these bible hating homos, run around pushing there "rights" to suck balls on them... Children shouldnt be shown this evil bullshit. N you should be ashamed of yourselves
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