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Published on Sep 26, 2010

Eminems Song

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Cornellien Pégasus
"Look at how I dress, fucking baggy sweats, go to work on mess" "Fuck you hip hop, Im leaving you" For me its pretty clear that he doesn't talk about kim or the illuminati.
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Jason M
Well obviously it's about his life as a rapper. The entire song though? It's deliberately written to be about Kim and his struggles with her, just to have that plot twist at the end where you realize his struggles with Kim can be compared to what he dealt with in the rap industry. The song is about him being a rapper obsessed with his craft to a fault, and it hurt his relationships because of that.
Hector Dominguez
JAY THE FUCKIN GOD / HATE PROOF i know this is a year later but seriously? if you trying to say that the illuminati controls the way he dressed then you're so fucking stupid
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Matteo Collins
Personally, I think the people who think this is about Kim are dumber than the people who think it's about Illuminati.
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Kid in Africa
Ricky Taylor bruh
Ricky Taylor
literally talking about hip hop lol. just like "saying goodbye to hollywood" if you actually listen to his lyrics you will know that he hates that's being famous has forced him and his daughters to be "alienated"
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Silver Revlis
People these days need to shut up about illuminati and just listen to the fucking music. 
wel do
charlie edgars
Eminem is one of the Greatest if the Greatest.
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Team Triforce
No, he is one of the greatest if not the greatest is what he meant, not of
+Michael Cruse of*
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My god people, he's not talking about the Illuminati.. Sheesh...
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+Jonasz Sumiński xD This is great
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Recovery is an incredible album, still was awesome without the shock value, u kno talkin about slappin fagats and stuff like dat, just dope wordplay and beats, beautiful work of art
Recovery is awesome, hate it when people say is the worst album. Feel like these kids had a perfect life, can't relate filled up with hate.
+jay brooklyn I slept on the album for a long time,did not take the time to listen to all the songs.The album is dope,very dope.The people who hate on recovery are just hipsters who think its cool to hate on the new Em.I love his old shit,but this is just as good,just a different style.
so do I understand this correctly? in this song he makes you think that he's talking about his wife and divorcing her but really he's talking about hip hop?
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assassins cng
Batman Kim his wife and hip hop
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Nick Velonis
Who gives a fuck if it's about rap. The majority of people listening to this aren't rappers and it was made for people to use it like its about a girl
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Mystic Ceiling
matt Lewis me its about a girl
matt Lewis
Or drugs... to me its about drugs.
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Rishabh Kumar
Eminem is the best, Fuck the Rest!
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cody budek
Rishabh Kumar rap is like a mountain fully black bit white at the top
Rishabh Kumar word
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Omega Slin
"I've done my best to give you nothing less than perfectness" This line hits deep for any guy who works hard for it to not pay off
Sierra Lee
fball214life wow that Sucks
Omega Slin the first verse hits home bro. It's why I left my ex wife bc she wanted me to live for her and her kids but she felt like she didn't have to live for mine and make me feel like we were "1." So I had to leave and do what was best for my child and I.
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