Susanna Martinez at Republican National Convention: 'I Was a Democrat for Many Years'





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Published on Aug 29, 2012

RNC 2012: The first Hispanic female governor introduces Paul Ryan at the Republican Convention. For more: http://abcnews.go.com/politics

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Doc Rock
That T-shirt might as well have read  "I'll be damned....I'm a mindless bot who blindly accepts the far right's propaganda" (for obvious reasons)....they're not what one would call...deep thinkers.... they like their facts to be fact free, preferably without Science, but which also sound great written at a 5th grade level that fits neatly on a bumper sticker, which only makes sense to them and no one else, because the rest of us dont speak Bubble.... Oh, and we cant forget that Jesus is "on their side".....as if they have Jesus on speed dial. I dont trust anyone who tries to assure me that God "is on their side" and that Jesus shares their personal political beliefs. Yeah...whatever.....God and His son are on everyone's side, even the worst sinners. Even OJ, Charles Manson and Donald Trump (to name but a few)! We are all his children. So sayeth the Lord.
So if she's such a proud republican, why didnt she say she supports george w bush and go on and on about what a great job he did as president????????????
What do you want to bet George Zimmerman will give the keynote address to the 2016 RNC?
Only in the RNC does owning a gun receive a standing ovation (2:55), what a bunch of rednecks! 
nicholas kemmerle
American dream doesnt come from the republican party
Savanna Fair
mike jones
Pinchi Vieja Puta Susana Martinez 
...contd... "ineffectual" Wrong. Incompetent. The report by Treasury Inspector General puts the blame squarely on the incompetency of SEC, OTS, OCC & FDIC. Read this slowly clown - every regulation needed to prevent the derivative market collapse was already on the books. "..would not have averted..." Parroted "regulations regulations derrr" but now regulating Fannie & Freddie with almost 90% of the market share would NOT have prevented the crisis? You just went full retard. LOL Try again?
Yes you claiming red herring makes it so. Except idiot can't even name one. Again, ILLITERATE, see the Federal Registry. 8 years of regulations. NAME which "deregulation" caused it. I already debunked Glass-Steagall. Parroting idiocy doesn't make it true. "understaffed" It's getting pathetic now. Just pulling random nonsense out of your ass. According to Office of Personnel Management SEC staffing also INCREASED. Awww :(
1. AGAIN illiterate, regulations INCREASED under Bush. See Federal Registry. 2. Glass-Steagall was never repealed. It is still a law today. Only 2 sections of it were repealed and it was under Clinton not Bush in 1999. Idiot. Sub-prime lending didn't take off until 2004-2005. So there is a 6 year disconnect between your causation and correlation. 3. SEC funding INCREASED every year under Bush 4. No Bush tried to regulate Fannie & Freddie. Democrats blocked it /watch?v=cMnSp4qEXNM Aww. Try again?
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