Young Muslim love Jesus & Parents kick him out...Yemeni Arabic Christian Song




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Published on Sep 8, 2018

"Who is on the Cross"....Yemeni Arabic Christian Song
Young Muslim love Jesus & Parents kick him out..Persecution of Yemeni Christian
"There is no God but Allah and Allah is ONE". (About quranic allah):: Quran starts with a negative statement. The word “one” is Satan’s finest trick on Islam. Satan is a deceiver, but not a fool. Satan knows that within the “oneness” of anything, be it god or anything, there is “plurality and diversity”. Here Allah himself says and count himself says he is "One”. That means we can count Allah like one pen or one car. Why there is only one Allah and not 2 Allah's? Quran gives the reason for that. Quran21:22 and 23:91 says that if there is 2 Allah's in this Universe, they both will fight each other for their belongings and at the end they both will destroy them self. That means end of this Universe !!!(Note : Why there is only one Allah and not 2 Allah's? This Quranic response & assumption itself proves that Quran & Islam is Fake) See here the all powerful & all knowing one Allah himself gives a very silly reason for his existence. Why Allah says throughout Quran that I am only One. Because these words are simply coming from a human's brain and mouth. It is very clear that Mohammed knows about many tribes and it s leaders of his time. Mohammed himself was the leader(Sheikh) of his qureshi tribe. Tribal leaders never allow 2 leaders in one tribe at a time and also the tribes always fight each other for tribal supremacy & leadership. This assumption of tribal leadership fighting is simply introduced here in the Quran by Mohammed as the human reason for why there is no 2 Allah's. A supreme God never wants to tell like silly and lay man reasons of his existence. As per Holy Bible, God is an infinite spirit, and nobody can see him ever and this spirit is all knowing and all powerful. He is not restricted to being in one location at a time. He fills every inch of space throughout the universe with all His wonderful personal attributes. Bible says God's spirit wants to stay inside each of us because our body is God's temple. That’s why Christianity talking about the personnel God and its relationship. Although God is distinct from His creation, all His creation exists within Him. Bible says you can pray to God at any direction , any place ,& any time . Come to Jesus "Just as you are" with all that short comings. Jesus only looks in to your sincere heart , no need to wash (wudu) your private parts & body before praying to Lord Jesus. Yea, Its nice you always be in physical cleanness. And also no need to wait for a allah-God to tell you when & where to wash your private parts in certain fixed time & method. Do not be a zombie, simply wash that parts when you need to do so , that's it simple. In Islam there is no assurance of Salvation. Till the last breath , Muslim don't have an idea where they are heading to? Because Muslims scared of that scale which measure bad deeds(sin) against good deeds. Muslims don't have any idea of the scale status about 51% good deeds Vs 49% sin or 49% good deeds Vs 51% sin. They believe any kind of sin can wash away with good deeds. Also seems the whole Islam revolving around that "72 virgin prostitute paradise". Funny & Embarrassing. There is no marriage & sex in the spiritual heaven of Jesus Christ. So welcome all well educated smart Muslims to Christianity after your sincere research & study. Lord please shower your compassion, mercy upon this misguided , brain washed & neglected human beings here in this Muslim world. God Bless Muslims ✝️In Jesus Name.Amen. { Note :: I will provide all proof & evidences for the above mentioned facts from quran , Hadith & sira :: references upon your request here in the comment section...Dear Muslims , please come & ask questions here. Thank You}


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