Non-NOVA Dashcam - Florida, and other US locations. Plus some from Germany!





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Published on Jun 9, 2012

Note: All footage is original and captured by me (NOVAdashcam) during my work related travels.

The people around the world drive so bad, that I decided to make a music video about it. I hope you find it entertaining, as I enjoyed putting it together.

Locations featured: Spartanburg, South Carolina. Nashville, Tennesee. Atlanta, Georgia. Tampa, Florida. Kaiserslautern (and Ramstein and Stuttgart), Germany. Fayetteville, North Carolina. Panama City, Florida. Plus a mish-mash of others in between.

I used two songs for this one (absolutely necessary for getting this many clips crammed into 15 minutes of footage), the first is Nathan McCree's Malice of the Myrkoids from Soul Star, ripped directly from my Soul Star SegaCD game disc. The whole soundtrack is awesome, and is copyright Core Design, which no longer exists. You'll have to find the game on eBay or something to own it. The second song is SDG-ONS05 (very descriptive). It's produced by Sound Design Group ( http://www.sounddesigngroup.com/ ) for the Unreal Tournament 2004 soundtrack, and is my favorite part of this video. It is used under the blanket intellectual property policy of Epic Games. The 30 second ditty you hear after the end of the first song is a stock track that came with my video editing software.

I barely made the 15 minute limit. There were a few casualties (clips dropped), but they were minimized. The ending had to be a little rushed. Some clips are sped up more than I would have liked. I left San Diego out, because the worst thing I saw during my week there was a red light runner, and it wasn't as bad as the one in Tampa. I get comments all the time saying that drivers are worse in California, but I certainly didn't see it.

This thing was a beast to work with. It's by far my longest video, and the most difficult to put together. The biggest challenge was grouping the cities together, while each had clips of a different pace and mood. Some are better with their own sound (like the 300C going funkwhacky at the green light), some are not (like the truck about to run the yellow because you definitely didn't want to hear what was on the radio for that, yet the clip might not have been as good if it were sped up).

This is probably going to be my only video of this type; the rest will be mostly contained in Northern Virginia, where I live. This is due to me quitting my job and getting a new one where I won't have to travel so much.

I added captions for those of you that don't quite understand what I'm saying, or are watching in silence, and simultaneously care about what I have to say in the car. Let me know if this is an unwelcome distraction.

The dangerous interchange in Asheville, NC: I know there are others just like it all over the US, but for some reason this one is far busier and faster.

Stats- Time to render: 1 hour, 22 minutes. Incidents of text effects: 115. Clips used: 59. Mouse clicks: Probably over 100,000. Date range of recordings: November 4th, 2011 -- April 6th, 2012. Date range of production after sorting the clips: May 28th -- June 9th, 2012 (insanity). Clips discarded: 6. NoVA clips currently saved to put in future videos: 130.

Blocking plates: I tried to cover every plate that is clearly visible. I'm sure if you paused the video in some areas you *might* be able to make something out, and I may have even left a clear plate or two visible by accident. This time wasn't as tedious as Episode 6, but I want to get this video uploaded tonight. Also, at some point during the creation of this video, I decided I was going to leave blank the public service and commercial vehicle license plates, probably from now on.

Tools used: Rental cars, a Bracketron bean bag GPS mount, suction cup based RAM camera mount, Kodak Playsport ZX5 (no lens attachments on any of these clips, I'm mostly sure), Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11, Arcsoft MediaImpression for Kodak, Paint.NET, a lot of patience, and a sense of humor.


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