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Published on Aug 10, 2010

Second Chances episode 3

Normal P.o.v-

Selena never would of thought she would see the day when Nick is actually angry. He has been in fights before but his reaction was never compared to something like this. Selena closed her eyes for a second, feeling the wind blow against her face. "Everything is going to be okay." she whispered to her self.

She re-opened her eyes a few seconds later and started to walk towards her home. Her phone started to ring. She took her phone out of her pants pocket and looked at the caller ID. It was Logan. She pressed the ignore button and continued walking. She kept receiving calls from him every minute. And every minute she will ignore him. Then her phone started to vibrate. She received a text message.

She flipped her side kick screen to realize Logan send her a text. "I guess reading this wouldn't kill me." she whispered to herself.

"I'm going to keep on calling until you pick up, just hear me out please.
- Logan"

She sighed to her self. Then pressed the reply button.

"Fine, we'll talk. Meet me at the park in 10 minutes, if your not there I'm leaving.
- Selena"

"I'll be there, I promise.
- Logan"

Selena's P.o.v-

Yea sure you promise. You also promised me you'll never hurt me, how did that turn out for you? I didn't bother to reply back. Instead of walking straight home I walked towards the park. Once I walked in all the memories rushed through my head. Logan and I used to go to this place all the time. I sat in the nearest bench and looked around the park. In a matter of a few minutes I saw Logan run towards me.

"Hey." he said heavily.

"Hi." was the only thing that came out my mouth at the moment.

He took a seat next to me. He was silent for a few seconds. My eyes were focused on everything around me but Logan. "Sel." I hared the voice next to me say.

I looked over at him. "Don't call me that."

"Okay, sorry." Logan said. He was quite once again for a few seconds. "What are you doing here?" he asked me.

I bit my bottom lip before I answered his question. "Do you remember what today is?" I asked him.

He looked at me sadly. "Yea, our anniversary." he said as he looked down.

I nodded my head slowly. "I didn't want to celebrate it without you. So I convinced my mom if she would let me come just for this."

Logan looked up at me. "Thanks' for the gift." he whispered.

"Your welcome." I replied. I turned my whole body to face him. "Did you ever love me, like you said you did?" I asked him.

"Selena." he whispered. "You're a great girl, you really are. I don't know, it just that."

I interrupted him. "It's just that you don't love me." I sighed to myself as I felt the tears starting to build up. "Goodbye Logan."

Normal P.o.v-

With that Selena got up from the bench and looked at Logan one last time before walking away. She walked away while wiping the tears that just fell out of her eyes. It was hard for her to accept the fact that the guy she loves doesn't love her back.

Logan just stared at the image that was starting to disappear with every step that she took. He brought his hand up to his head. "I want to love you Selena. I really do." Logan whispered, even though she wasn't there to hear him.

1- Favorite part? (if you don't have a favorite then what your least favorite part?)

2- What do you think is going to happen next?


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