1. Making a World of Difference: Capacity Building in Occupational & Environmental Global Health

  2. Endocrine Disruptors: Sexy Stuff

  3. Epigenetics, or Why DNA Is Not Your Destiny

  4. Graduation 2012 'Flash Mob'

  5. Graduation Speaker 2012

  6. SPH Student Life Survey - a final en-TREAT-y

  7. Why Innovation? What will it take to make public health better?

  8. REVEAL study participants at risk for Alzheimer's talk about their genetic test results.

  9. Students Engaged in Global Health Dessert Fundraiser

  10. Careless disposal of antibiotics can create aquatic superbugs

  11. VOTE FOR SPH in the USDA Challenge! "Green Up Your Plate at Work! "

  12. Stressed? Try a Meditation Break with Vic and Laura

  13. 11Practice Plunge Flint food bank.wmv

  14. The Germ Hunter: Arnold Monto

  15. Health Disparities Research & Intervention @UM SPH

  16. Michigan black churches put sexual health and safety front and center.

  17. Global Health Partnerships: A Case Study

  18. Major Health Issues for Native American People

  19. Global Health Experiences, at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and Medical School,

  20. Q A to close out discussion about Concussions in Youth Sports

  21. Former UM Football Coach Lloyd Carr on Preventing Concussions in Football

  22. What the CDC Is Doing to Raise Awareness about Head Injuries among Youth.

  23. How to Minimize Concussion Damage, Talk by Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher

  24. INTROS to Play Smart: Injury Prevention on and off the Field

  25. The Last Mile and Tommy Francis

  26. UM SPH Student Summer Internships

  27. Dr. Denis Mukwege visits UM SPH

  28. La Salud Community Day

  29. Poster Session.m4v

  30. China Scholar Exchange PART 1

  31. China Scholar Exchange PART 2

  32. 2010 UM Distinguished Innovator #3: Why more tailored messages increase smoker quit rates.

  33. 2010 UM Distinguished Innovator #2: Tailored messages for better diet, exercise & asthma management.

  34. 2010 UM Distinguished Innovator #1: Awardee Vic Strecher on tailoring

  35. FriedenFirstFiveSpeech.avi

  36. Health Care Reform & Cost Efficiency

  37. Julio Frenk, former health minister of Mexico, talks about H1N1's early days

  38. TakeOff

  39. Lichtenstein on universal health care

  40. A Cure for the Biostatistics Blues: The PBS Pledge

  41. Introducing the School of Public Health