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Published on May 11, 2012

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The Laws of Success are universal. Take snowboarding for instance:
When I first tried snowboarding, I tried to learn it by myself, with no mentors, while my sister took off skiing. An hour in, I slid off the side of the run, as the nose of my board dug into the snow, while my body kept rolling. I twisted apart the tendons in my knee.
A painful shitty experience, while everyone else went and had a great time...
This is what most people do as entrepreneurs. If they try it at all, they try it ONCE and QUIT. If they would have had the right mentors and put themselves in the right environment, it would have been a whole different experience!

So check it out:
A couple years later, I went back with a group of friends, (that already knew HOW to snowboard), took the time to teach me how. Now that was a totally different experience!

They were there to teach me the basics, and by the end of the day I was on fire!
Huge difference!
I had learned WAY faster, simply because I was open-minded, allowing them to teach me, admitting that I didn't know everything, and most importantly, not trying to do it "my own way"!!

Now, if you're just starting out snowboarding...
Wouldn't it be better to take lessons from someone that knows exactly how to get you results, rather than a person that knows nothing about the sport, teaching you all of the wrong things? Do you think you would get better FASTER, if you were always around professionals, forcing you to TRY HARDER and DO MORE?

Financial Freedom runs the same way. When it comes to money, health, or relationships, watch the ENVIRONMENT your are putting yourself around on a daily basis. Are you around the RIGHT people who know what to teach you? If you take advice from people who aren't successful, you'll most likely have the same results. VERY IMPORTANT not to learn or take advice from people who are not successful in that area!

"Everybody is self-made, but it seems to be only the successful people that admit it!"

So what about your internal environment? Are you accidentally sabotaging yourself?
How's your blame game {!firstname_fix} ?
Have you been blaming everyone and everything BESIDE YOURSELF for what has happened in your life?
Don't you think it's time to start taking responsibility for your beliefs, that lead to your thoughts, that lead to your actions, that lead to your RESULTS?


It's not what "happens" to you. It's what you DO with what happens to you. Whatever happens is for a reason, but the choice is up to YOU how you're going to RESPOND.
Do you sit there and blame "external" things beside YOURSELF? If you play the "blame game", you can't LEARN from the things that happen to you, so you can't GROW into the person you need to become in order to become successful!

Do you sit there and blame the boss for firing you, or would it be wiser to think about WHY you got laid-off. Did you make yourself VALUABLE enough for them to keep you? The people that were NOT laid-off were the ones that people liked, and that were literally INDISPENSABLE, where it would actually HURT the company to get rid of them!

A Law of Success: The money you make in this world is directly proportionate to how VALUABLE your are to the marketplace.

Have you read leadership or wealth books that teach you HOW to lead and be wealthy?
You say you want to be rich, but you don't invest the time to learn HOW?
Time to stop the Blame Game and TAKE ACTION! http://nextlevelmastery.elitemarketin...
See you tomorrow,
The World Is Yours, MFM!


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