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Published on Jun 30, 2017

►Welcome to the 2017 Room Tour, this is the Worlds Largest Collection of Video Games as authenticated by Guinness Book Of Records.

►This video is the most requested over many years, Please sit back and enjoy.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:28 Sega Dreamcast (US Full Set)
00:00:49 Sega Saturn (JP Full Set)
00:02:14 Sega Mark III (Full Set In Progress)
00:02:53 (Intermission: Sega Consoles Boxes)
00:02:59 Sega Master System (Aus/UK/US Full Set)
00:04:38 Sega Megadrive (JP Full Set)
00:07:38 Sega Game Gear (Full Set)
00:08:08 Sega Mega-CD (JP Full Set)
00:08:48 Sega 32X (JP Full Set)
00:09:20 Sega Genesis (Full Set In Progress)
00:09:54 Some Sega Megadrive (AU)
00:10:06 Original Soundtracks & MSX
00:10:46 3D0 (JP Full Set)
00:10:58 PC Engine HuCard/CD/Super CD/Arcade (JP Full Set)
(Intermission: 00:11:19 Glimpse of games that are not arranged yet...Soon!)
00:11:29 PC Engine (JP Full Set Continues)
00:12:28 (Intermission: The Last Ninja Shrine + PC Engine & Super Grafx Boxes + Fajitsu Marty)
00:12:58 Sinclair ZX Spectrum (600+ Games)
00:14:04 Commodore 64 (About 400 Games)
00:15:00 Amiga
00:17:09 Neo Geo Pocket + Neo Geo CD Games (JP Full Set)
00:17:27 Neo Geo MVS (US Full Set)
00:17:56 Neo Geo AES (In Progress)
00:18:35 Sharp X68000 (In Progress)
00:21:43 Atari 2600 (Aus/US Full Set)
00:22:26 Atari 5200/7800 (Full Set)
00:23:04 Atari Jaguar / Jaguar CD (Full Set)
00:23:14 Atari Lynx (Full Set In Progress)
00:23:22 ColecoVision / Intellivision
00:23:46 Wii U (Full Set)
(Intermission: 00:23:55 Mario/Zelda/Nintendo Shrine)
00:24:01 Wii U (Full Set Continues)
00:24:48 Amiibo
00:25:35 GameCube (Full Set)
00:25:49 Wii (Aus/US Full Set)
00:26:10 Family Computer (Full Set)
00:27:00 Nintendo Entertainment System (Full Set)
00:27:43 Super Famicom
00:32:25 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (US Full Set)
00:33:42 (Intermission: SNES/N64 Console Boxes)
00:33:58 Nintendo 64 (US Full Set)
00:32:52 Nintendo 64/DD Drive (JP Full Set)
00:36:54 Nintendo Game Boy (Aus/US Full Set)
00:37:30 Nintendo Game Boy Advance
00:38:03 Nintendo Game Boy Color
00:38:10 Nintendo DS
00:38:16 Game & Watch
00:38:38 Nintendo DS (JP)
00:38:52 Nintendo 3DS
00:39:07 (Questions time!)
- Are you Rich?
- Tips & Tricks from Papa Joel
- What do you do for living?
- Have you stopped collecting?
00:42:51 (Intermission: Ultra 64 Console + Nintendo Game Boy Godness + Nitro Capture)
00:44:13 Sony PlayStation 3 (Almost Full Set)
(00:44:58 Nissan GT-R Story)
00:46:16 Sony PlayStation 2 (US Full Set)
00:46:54 Sony PlayStation 4
00:48:26 (Intermission: Neo Geo Mark of the Wolves Stick + Sony Cool Things + PSP Go)
00:48:54 Sony PlayStation Vita
00:49:34 Sony PlayStation (US Full Set In Progress)
00:49:52 Sony PlayStation 2 (JP) (00:51:00 Some Cool Light Guns)
00:52:23 Metal Gear Shrine
00:52:48 Sony PlayStation (JP Full Set)
00:54:14 PC Retro Games (Big Box)
00:55:00 PC Modern Games
00:55:35 Microsoft Xbox Original (JP/US Full Set)
00:56:13 (Intermission: Microsoft Xbox Shrine In Progress + Photo with Claudia Black (Chloe Frazer's Voice) + Marcus Phoenix Statue + JD)
00:57:38 Microsoft Xbox 360 (Aus/JP/US Full Set)
00:58:34 Microsoft Xbox One
00:59:17 Racing Simulators
00:59:58 Middle of the Room: Microsoft Xbox 360 Accesories + Gran Turismo Editions In Progress & Some Long Play Albums + Ghouls 'n Ghosts Board Game + The Legend of Zelda Master Sword + Edge Magazine Featuring Joel + Guiness Book of Records + Nintendo Magazines + Electronic Gaming Monthly & More.
01:02:12 More Magazines: Amiga Format (All Issues) + MEAN Machines + CVG (Computer and Video Games)
01:04:00 Atari Shrine Cabinet & More Computers (In Progress)
01:04:55 (Intermission)
01:05:09 Luke For the Win!!
01:05:28 How things are connected? (8th & 7th Gen Consoles)
01:08:53 How things are connected? (7th & 6th Gen Consoles)
01:10:47 How things are connected? (6th,5th, 4th & 3rd Gen Consoles + SCART Goodness)
01:12:43 How things are connected? (Sony PVM-2730QM, More SCART Godness & Speakers)
01:14:44 Computers Section (Keyboards, Disk Drive, Monitors & More | Work in Progress)
01:17:01 Outro





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