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Published on Dec 30, 2014

How to make RED red LMF fondant! Super easy, tastes great and works great!

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Red Fondant Recipe
2 lbs sifted powdered sugar (you may not use all the powered sugar depending on your area, that is okay)

1 lb mini marshmallows (Hy-Top, Walmart brand or Haribo Brand if you can find it)

1 Tbsp water (use only 1 Tbsp if it is very humid in your area)

1 Tbsp Red Americolor Food Color Gel

1/2 cup shortening (white vegetable fat or trex)

About 1.25 lbs of Wilton fondant (if you buy the 5 lb box, use one half of one of the packages, if you buy the 1.5 lb box, use the whole package) I use my 50% or 40% off coupon to purchase my fondant at Michaels or Joanns so that the overall cost of my fondant is less. You can get these coupons online, with the app or in the newspaper.

Extra powered sugar (for kneading)

Tools Needed: Stand Mixer Large plastic bowl Spatula Dough hook for mixer

You can make this by hand if you do not have a stand mixer. All you need is your muscles :-D
You can melt the marshmallows over a double-boiler if you don't have a microwave
I prefer red americolor gel for my food color
You can half this recipe if you only need a little
Store in a ziplock bag at room temp for months. Head and re-knead well before each use.

MOST ASKED QUESTIONS: These questions have been asked so many times, I've stopped answering them because well, my hands hurt and my brain hurts from re-typing the same thing over and over so here they are

1. Why are you using fondant to make fondant?
This question is usually asked in a very snarky way and to be honest it annoys me but I will answer it anyway and try to keep the snark out of it. Cheap store bought fondant (like the one we use in this recipe) is not pleasant to eat. It is stiff, it cracks and tastes like feet and cardboard. Store-bought fondant that tastes great starts at about $40 for 5 lbs which is pretty dang expensive. This recipe is the best of both worlds. Great taste, works great, costs about $12 for 4.25 lbs and takes about 25 minutes to make. If you don't like the recipe, you don't have to make it. Simple as that.

2. How do I store the fondant? I store my fondant in ziplock bags at room temp. They last a long time that way. Mine have never gone bad so I don't know exactly how long.

3. How do I make black fondant or a dark color? Substitute 1 Tablespoon of water for food coloring and add during the water step.

4. How do I color the fondant in batches? Add a small amount of gel food color to white fondant and knead until even in color

5. Can I make a half batch? Yes

6. Can you taste the wilton fondant? No. It's a very small amount.

7. How many cakes does one batch cover? I have been able to cover a 10" - 8" - 6" cake many times because I roll the fondant very thin. Your results will depend on how thin you roll out the fondant.

8. How Long can I make this in advance? Weeks. Re-heat and knead until smooth before each use.

9. What if I can't find Wilton fondant? You can use any sort of pre-made fondant

10. What is the powder you add to make figures? It is called tylose but you can all use CMC powder. Google it.

11. Can I use Jet puff, Marshmallow fluff, colored marshmallows, flavored marshmallows etc instead of the brand you recommend? Some people have had success with Jet Puff but it doesnt work for me. I have heard that walmart store brand and haribo marshmallows work great as well.

12. What if I can't find crisco? You can use Trex

13. Can I make this without a mixer? Yes, just mix by hand in a large bowl

14. What if the mixture is crumbly? Then you may not have used the right amount (1 lb) of marshmallows or the right brand. If the marshmallows do not puff or dont mix well with the sugar then you have the wrong kind.

15. What happens if I don't add the extra fondant? This recipe on it's own will be soft and will crack when you try to put it over a cake because it will lack elasticity.

16. Can you make it chocolate flavored? Yes I mix equal parts modeling chocolate and fondant together.

17. Do I have to use a hook on my mixer? Yes, or you have to make it by hand. If you use a hand-mixer or the paddle attachment, you'll most likely break your mixer.



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