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Published on Sep 13, 2009

http://youtu.be/n3BqLZ8UoZk is the New link for the NEW extended version of the epic Mormon exposing God Makers Cartoon with added concluding commentary at the Jeremiah Films site. CHECK IT OUT! After 30 years of leading the effort to expose the VILE EVIL known as Mormonism, The God Makers cartoon is an Institution in its own right! ALL DUE CREDIT, CONSIDERATION & RIGHTS TO JEREMIAH FILMS for the use of this highly expository video clip / cartoon. For more information on the base video that this great cartoon was excerpted from please visit "www.SecretWorldMormonism.com" and/ or "www.JeremiahFilms.com"
or Visit Jeremiah Films Official user account here on Youtube. Please support Jeremiah films for their Great efforts in exposing the sham LDS Corporation & the MORmON cult.
LDS Inc actually did this kind of presentation FIRST!
See this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8YYLt...
The God Makers cartoon might have been titled Mormonism Made Easy to parody other popular Pro MORmON video whitewashes of Mormon history & strange doctrine. The fact is foundational Mormon Doctrines, twisted as they are, were never more readily / simply explained, demonstrated & exposed than in the God Makers Cartoon aka "The BANNED Mormon Cartoon". It was LDS INC & MORmONS that
got an injunction against the Second God Makers Video over its allegations of MORmON Pres. Gordon Hinckley having a wild secret life including homosexuality. MORmONS just universally applied that "Banned" connotation to all of the God Makers features including this popular cartoon, in the hope that the label would taint interest in the cartoon. Like so many MORmON actions, this attempt simply backfired! Interest in the cartoon skyrocketed! This video just keeps on going & growing BECAUSE IT IS ACCURATE & EFFECTIVE. Thats not likely to change until the LDS cult is completely rooted out.
LDS Inc & its MORmON members HATE being outed like this. As a former Mormon, I can attest on a FIRST HAND BASIS that the things presented REALLY ARE MORmON doctrine. This IS the doctrinal message that LDS INC's MORmONMESSAGES channel would put out if they could tell the truth & stand behind what they really teach. & yet when someone else does it for them MORmONS howl with objections. It just shows how DECEITFUL MORmONS really are. MORmONS love to treat everyone else like MORmONS, but they hate it when they get treated like MORmONS.

This video has been getting removed from youtube because Mormons dont like people to know about their less popular teachings. Mormons have been complaining that these things are not taught by their religion, but MORmONS are LIARS! Here are sources for this video, the provided references to official MORmON literature for every claim made in the video:

0:20 - 0:45 King Follett Discourse (History of the Church Vol 6 pg 302-317)

0:54 - 1:00 abraham 3

1:03 - 2:20 Gospel Principles Ch2-3

2:20 - 2:35 Official Statment by 1st presidency 08/17/49 and 08/17/51 and Joseph Fielding Smith in Doctrines of Salvation 1:65-66 2nd Nephi 5:21

2:38 - Gospel Princ Manual Ch3

2:40 - Pre 1982 2Nephi 30:6

2:44 - no longer taught he said early mormon profits... Brigham young journal of discourses vol 1 pg 50-51 and Wilford Woodruffs journal

3:20 - The seer pg 172, brigham young journal of discourses vol 1 p 346 orson hyde journal journal of discourses, vol 2 p 210

3:28 - D&C 113 and Isa 11

3:32 - Journal of Discourses 13:309

3:41 - 3Nephi

4:03 - 4 Nephi, Moroni

4:20 - 4:30 Moroni 10

4:37 - 4:50 State of NY VS Joseph Smith "The Glass Looker" other Court Documents

4:43 - 4:50 1826-1830 convicted of fraud, admitted "peepstoning" was fake.

5:01 - Joe Smith History 1:19

5:16 - 5:21 Howard W hunter "your temple recommend" New Era Apr 1995, 6

5:22 Russell M Nelson "SPirit of Elijah" Ensign Nov 1994, 84 and D&C 128, 138:33

5:27 - D&C 132:17-20

5:36 - Robert L Millet, "Joseph smith among the prophets" Ensign Jun 1994, 19

5:49 - :52 D&C 132

6:03 - Hist of the Church Vol pg 408-412

6:12 - He died in a shootout

LDS INC HATES this cartoon. & they hate Ed Decker.
How comical that LDS INC is currently engaged in a rabid effort to destroy Eds reputation in defense of their own Joseph Smith. Ed NEVER claimed to be a prophet.
Ed NEVER married a 14 year old!!!!!! Ed Never shot & killed anyone. LIKE Joe Smith did ! STUPID ASS MORmONS!

As a former LDS I can certify that this cartoon is 99 + % accurate! with only the most niggling faults despite all the LDS objections which only really prove what DAMN LIARS MORmONS really are. OF course this cartoon is all lies!

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Comments • 6,126

Looks like Elohim will need an endless supply of celestial Viagra.
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Albert Castaneda
matthewakian2 lol
Albert Castaneda
matthewakian2 loi
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Gabriel Angelo Libed
And I thought scientology is dumb...
Gavin Anderson
Gabriel Angelo Libed Me too, the retardation blows my mind
Several decades ago,  I was serving a full time LDS Mission. The disgusting, pretentiousness, phoniness and FRAUD of the MORmON religion was made very apparent to me at that time.  I quit the MORmON church soon after my MORmON mission. I posted this video as part of my effort to expose the fraud of the criminal enterprise known as the MORmON church.  With three quarters of a million hits, do you suppose that I might have fully countered any positive promotion of the sick twisted MORmON cult that I did as one of its missionaries? LOL ! Dont worry MORmONS, I am just getting started exposing the grand MORmON fraud !      
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Krehl Cook
Ulisscarple, Thank you for your video! More truth in your video than in a Sentiment filled Mormon testimony meeting!
gene field
wow that is cool and i agree with what he said the LDS church is the true church and you can know this for yourself. i hope you find your path to God. for those who think that it is Christian to slander and bash other churches for what they believe ask yourself this question is this what Jesus taught or is this something that Satan would do cause the LDS church does go around bashing and slandering other religions and spreading hate cause we are true Christians and believe in loving our neighbours as ourselves and in turn we are loving God. i love you no matter what faith you are because we are all brothers and sisters. preach love as Jesus did.
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Say what you want, this religion is hilarious!
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Nikolay Tekuchev
Ha genau xD
cassandra sta.maria
Couldnt agree more... Like OMG out of this world.
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What would really amaze me is if this was turned into a Disney movie.
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+matthewakian2 lol
Frozen 2: White & Delight-some.
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"Known for his tall tales"
M Jones
The Mormon Cult needs to be BANNED.
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+Somalia Patriot yah, there is a MORmON solution for everyone, then you want to call others people stupid. if everyone was a stupid as you are, civilization would have never had a chance, if Humans had survived they 'd still be living in caves.
+M Jones the citizens of America were given religious freedom in the hope that they would not abuse it to the point of detriment, MOST people do not, but the MORmON criminal enterprise exploits and violates that freedom to the fullest extent possible.
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I can say with out reservation that I hope this video posting has undermined hundreds of MORmON conversions. yah, those MORmON pricks thought it would be a good idea to exploit young MORmON members and send them on Mission to promote the foul MORmON cult, so LDS inc could have more members and make more money.  Well, that turned out to be a huge mistake for them with me !!! IF every conned LDS missionary turned out like me. LDS Inc would be broke over night! 
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+IExposeMormonism lol I saw
Peter Piper
+ulisscarple They did try that approach back in the 1880s. 
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The original posting of this cartoon had over 3 million hits on it before LDS Inc pulled strings to have it pulled because MORmON HATE having the truth exposed about their VILE CULT religion. 
MORmONS come here to complain that the things presented in the video are not really MORmON doctrine. They are so IGNORANT of their own MORmON teachings or else they are completely willing to LIE about it. MORmONS are idiots and LIARS.
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Selina O'Gorman
ulisscarple thank u for this incredible video yes it's all there it's all true sad members are blind to see it's all there they just don't want to admit only a few will tell you this video is true most will not I was a Mormon but never knew lots of this was covered and hidden from me I don't think I would ever know who knows I thank God I got out and want to help and educate the truth to blind members but it's up to them if not I only hope and pray God opens there hearts and eyes.
James McCluksey
ulisscarple what church do you attend ?
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