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Published on Mar 28, 2007

I am aware of the message Bruce Springsteen is really giving in the song, I put that aside to show support for America reguardless.

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molly mills
Bruce said in an interview that the song was about the way our Vietnam vets were treated by society and the Gov't upon their return and the struggles they faced with adjustment to a whole different world than the one they knew before going to war. Patriotism has nothing to do with the song at all. It was NOT a protest song nor was it a patriotic cry to Americans or any other such nonsense. Ill take Bruce's word for what he meant by the song...not the opinions of politically motivated people with narrow minds who believe what they hear and not what they know based on verifiable facts. Im not a Democrat or Republican or any political party groupie....i'm an AMERICAN!
Joshualugg Lugg
RIP to all those brave men who have died fighting for their country
Paule von Fieper
True thing
The two biggest mistakes made by USA political leaders was the Vietnam War and the Iraq War. Historians in my belief will so note. The Vietnam War based on the "domino theory", the Iraq War based on "weapons of mass destruction"...both proved FALSE. Vietnam today is thriving, Iraq today is a nightmare! As a Military Brat, I support our troops 100 percent, my support for ignorant politicians is 0 percent!!!
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+Lenahc No mistakes made. Chilling, isn't it?
Oddly enough I did research before I came to that conclusion. My opinion stands.
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Let me get this straight, People from the US are aware what this song is about, but put it aside for patriotism? Couldn't they just find an actual patriotic song instead? Hello. This sort of thing is why people think you guys are stupid.
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+Eddie Not entirely true. I'm on here beceuse some spanner just replied to a 2 year old comment. Still; thanks for the giggle, Meatball.
stfu faggot. that's why you are on here because you are amazed! you grew up listening to guns n roses and metallica you lil bitch.
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I really hope this video is trying to be ironic with the Proud to be and American stuff. Born in the USA is about how fucked up the Vietnam War was and how it devastated this country. Singing about how his friend was killed in Vietnam, not being able to find a job when he left the army, this isn't a patriotic love song. 
hannah kohl
Did you even look at the description?
at the time I wrote this no. a little embarrassing
bobba fett
I am very proud to have served in the army. Some things in the 60's were not good but we were 19 years old and wanting to stay alive!
Bob Johnifer
It's funny how people think that this is a patriotic song..
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+Mitchel Modine actually it is the highest level of patriotism.
+Mitchel Modine actually it is the highest level of patriotism.
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Fabian del Rosario Baldur
Born in the U.S.A isnt a patriotic anthem its an antiwarsong of Bruce Springsteen who always was very critic about his own land. The song is about a man who couldnt earn much honor in the US so he went to vietnamwar and when he returned, he earned lack of understanding. but i still love that song even when im not born in the USA :D
Lavinia de Mortalium
+Fabian del Rosario Baldur This song was inescapable in America after the 9/11 attacks. Made all the more annoying by how unarguably off peoples interpretation of the song was.
Leigh Silver
+Fabian del Rosario Baldur Its both.
Americans get off on this song for some reason... Mainly trailertrash
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Alexander Hitchcock
The whole fucking world has gone off the deep end. the last time anyone had any balls was in the late 1950's. 
Rick Grimes
And btw, LMAO at how fucking dumb you are. What ist you refer americans to? stupid? well i know your country must be in grave danger because of how stupid you fucks are. So go, destroy your country even more with rape, abuse, and vandilism. We only wanted to try and help. But your country's gone off the deep end. sorry mate.
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The United States of America where the people own little of their own country. The government, courts, and wealth are all controlled by the elites of that country or from overseas. The people are then spoon-fed how great everything is and how they should just be content with their lives and not question the world around them. Any question of the system or status quo is met with backlash and being labelled un-american and you should just take your views and leave.
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+yusukegarners very well said and you raise points that are not even arguable.  I'm glad that I'm not the only person that sees this going on in the world.   
+BaronNate every nation on earth has its pros and cons in the 1st world country the minimum wage worker has a shot to buy a house and a car while in the 3rd world country the majority of minimum wage worker doesn't have that chance. Still the world would be a better place if it wasn't for Jewry's selfish manipulative schemes. From the people starving in Africa and exploited and stripped away from their resources, from the great depression to the two world wars, 9/11, to the 2008 recession, $19 trillion dollars national debt, gay marriage, mass muslim immigration in Europe, most mayhems and chaos around the world is caused by Zionist Jewry. I just couldn't comprehend why they're so obsessed about their divide and conquer the nations mindset.
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