Hitchens vs God (god loses by the way)





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Published on Dec 24, 2010

Christopher Hitchens' opening statement on god during the Hitchens vs Hitchens debate.

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Funny how many comments put toward atheists on how they need to use their brains. Faith requires one to not use their brain and just believe in something anyway without a shred of evidence.
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Barry Sabahat
If a god does indeed exist, I will spit in his face and go to hell in protest for the cruelty that he's shown to his creation. Love you Hitch. I'm envious of your eloquence. 
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Gary Barlow
Can someone explain to me how Hitchens' death is God winning? I see so many posts saying: Hahaaha! God has won and now Hitchens shall pay! News flash. Everyone dies. If I meet God when I die, he must ask for my forgiveness for all the atrocities committed unto me under his all-loving rule.
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Phurios Phoenix
+Gary Barlow I think we have more than sufgicent evidence now to draw the conclusion that Shaq is a retard who is jealous of the monkeys he is so obsessed with for having higher IQs than he does.
Phurios Phoenix
+shaqpopcorn34 You still haven't defined what 'kind' means. Answer the question instead of trying to skirt around it.
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Adam -亚当-
Thank god I'm an atheist..
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Apoorv Salar
Thats a quote by a playwright by the way! Dont remember his name.
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Poached Womb
Every time I read the comments on a religion-based youtube video, I can't help but notice how less educated, less literate and generally less intelligent the average theist is compared to the average atheist. Coincidence?
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No reasonable person can accept Christianity.
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Don Criddik
Oh I seee, so you know exactly what heaven is like then? When did you go? I want a postcard next time. Seriously you are deranged my friend.
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god is real... I have seen him! A great light caused a pillar of smoke to spring forth from the earth, and there was a man in the cloud... And the man had the likeness of no other man; He raised his arms in my direction, each longer than any length known to man; wider than my eyes could span; With a voice of a thousand-thousand thunders, he spoke into my ears so softly that I almost could not hear it, yet so loud that I could hear nothing else; "Go forth among all men, and let them know of evolution, for I am god,and they shall not be such absolute fuck-tards in my likeness."
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Gentel Noober
VoiD Pascal's wager
MeWe AllOne
+Frabbledabble I heard that, too!!!!
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John TheIdiot
In the words of Ludwig Feuerbach, 'It is not as in the bible, that God created Man in his own image: But, on the contrary, Man created God in his own image'.
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Gary Barlow
There is no reason to even believe that there is a "Before" the Big Bang. Such a concept is illogical and pointless. The universe is the beginning, as we currently know it, of time and space as even a concept. There is no BEFORE the Big Bang, there is no OUTSIDE of the universe. The universe is all that there is and will be, as far as we can safely tell right now. You cannot say "There is an outside agency blah blah blah." NO. You can't. Why? Because such a thing cannot exist! You are apart of the universe, you cannot exist outside of it. And even if you could exist outside of it, what would that even look like? There would be nothing! No time! No space! Exactly nothing. And this is usually the part where theists go: Well, God is timeless and spaceless and immaterial, and he can do whatever he wants. And that is just childish and stupid as well. Do you really expect people to believe in some mysterious entity outside of time and space that has an infinite amount of power and will punish us for wrong-doings, or even decided to create a small little ball of dust and water for insignificant creatures to struggle and suffer for millions or thousands of years while only giving us his "word" through thousands of different books and philosophies? The idea of a god is childish, and is only believed by people who fear death and fear not having someone watching over them all the time. It is an infantile concept and needs to be abolished.
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MC Mark Markson
Actually being tortured for all eternity could be more fun than eternity in heaven. What do you do for millions upon millions of years in heaven? After a few thousand years I believe I would beg god to send me to hell just to experience something new.
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Kerrie Anne
According to one of The Federation of light's channels,that is exactly what happened,we got bored and created this 'experience'
David Holt
"The box. You opened it. We came. Now you must come with us, taste our pleasures"
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Jimmy David
Christians talk about the "perfect" and beautifull creation that is the world, yet they know nothing. Did they ever visit a cave, one of the best examples of beauty, right under our feet bellow? They should. And realise that this Earth contains rock formations that could never grow in 6000 years, not even 60.000 years! Christians are lunatics! I have no other word. Such ignorance it's revolting, serious, it literally makes me mad beyond words! Grow a brain, morons!
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+shaqpopcorn34 do you have even a basic grasp on what DNA is?
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